Tuesday, June 24, 2008

weekend update

last weekend was spent 'mending fences'...the white picket fences that surround our little 'village' are custom made...which means that you cannot just go to lowes and buy a section and plop it in the ground...no...that'd be WAY too easy...
here is what a fence post looks like

here is one that the husband has 'hewn' from a 4x4 blank post...i think he did a good job...now he only has to make 4 more!

painting the posts

he got 3 posts made, painted and installed last weekend and 2 sets of 'stringers' put up...we've had rain for 3 evenings in a row which was quite a setback...tonite the goal is to re-attatch the pickets to the 2 sections with stringers and paint the stringers for the 3rd section...then we are halfway finished...as an update to the saga, the kid was 18 years old...admits to going 60mph (speedlimit on our street is 25)...was coming home from a party...had no need to be on our street to get home...just 'wanted to go fast'...his mom is making him pay the HOA back out of his own pocket...he's on a payment plan...i have no idea what the judge will do to him when he goes to court...and there was a passenger in the car...they are lucky to be alive...

on a different note i harvested basil for the first time on saturday...it was glorious and i wish there was smell-o-vision so you could enjoy this as much as i did...i put it on pasta saturday nite

the husband is growing tomatoes...this is his first roma...i chopped it up and put it on a pizza:

along with carmalized zuccini, onions and red pepper, tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano and thyme and white cheddar and goat cheese...it was beyond delicious!

if the husband is nice there will be another contest this week...don't y'all think he should ante up some 'product' for a give-a-way?



AM said...

Yes! The husband should donate a giveway! Great work on the fence! Why did he volunteer to do it?

That pizza looks and sounds (an in my imagination-smells) GREAT.

girlville said...

am, he volunteered to do it:
1. he's the only 'handy' person in our 'hood
2. so it'd be done right
3. cause we didn't/don't know if we will get fully paid by the kid so it's cheaper for him to do it than hire a 'fence company' (that would have cost about $3-4 thousand dollars and that would have been quite a blow to the HOA's pocket.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Great job on the fence post and on your bountiful harvest, the Husband :) Mmmm! Basil smells so good. That's why I run through it every day. I also like the smell of cilantro.

rpm said...

Girlville husband is the best!! Your a good man, GVH, to mend that fence and because you are so generous, you will surely donate to a giveaway! How about giving away a Disney Vacation?? Okay...maybe not:) Pizza looks so very good.

the husband said...

My giveaway is gonna be a fence post and a few pickets! How many folks would like to sign up for that handmade gift?! ;-)

rpm said...

uhhhhh....not what we had in mind!