Friday, June 13, 2008

keepin' it real

mrs. d did a neat meme yesterday:

"I saw this neat meme on a blog and decided to steal it. Play along, if you are willing to 'keep it real'. That means you'll take pictures of the following things without primping or polishing them up first."

so i thought i'd play along today...

1) the refrigerator:

fairly stocked for a thursday nite...we go to the grocery store on friday nite

mainly beverages in the side door...and butter - there's always butter!
2. a closet:

i chose my own's rather neat and tidy (cause 2 weeks ago i cleaned it out!)

3. kitchen sink:

thank goodness the husband cleaned it up before we went to work...there is only one cup and one spoon in there

4. toilet:

since WHICH toilet wasn't specified i took the liberty of picturing the powder room toilet which stays very clean

5) favorite shoes:

these ratty army green old navy flops are my top favorites out of ALL the shoes i own
6) favorite room:

my craft room...despite all the mess

7) what my kids/family are doing right now:

GAH! sophie got in the cabinet where the mini coffee maker usually goes...she is such a monkey

8) laundry pile:

i had washed 2 loads of towels wednesday nite so the hamper was pretty much empty

9) self portrait:

the husband, stitch and me

10) dream vacation: the self-portrait segues into the dream vacation...for me there is no place like disney world...

i could absolutely live in this house

and watch this everynite

and spend the day in a fantasy land!



Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

My People have a photo with Stitch too! I wonder if it's the same Stitch!

girlville said...

norman, are you implying that there is more than ONE stitch??? surely it's the same one.

Magnolia Sun said...

Everything looks great, I love your sink hardware, very cute of sophie.

rpm said...

That's a neat meme...I love your craft room. And sophie seems to always be up high on something! Love Disney!

AM said...

cute pic of you and your husband!

Ijust love your closet.