Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend update ~ the chicken version

on saturday the husband and i went downtown for the 3rd annual 'tour d'coop' and for 'artsplosure'...tour d'coop is an open house of sorts for 20 downtown homes that have small chicken coops in their's always the same day as artsplosure and last year we didn't attempt to do both in one day but this year i was determined to see me some chickens!

we made it to 7 total coops with the visit to artsplosure in is coop #1:

they had a conglomerate of babies too that were about 1 month old...each chick is a different breed...this family also had 3 large breed hens...and their backyard was lush and lovely:

coop #2 had 5 brahma bantam hens four of whom were roosting saturday morning:

next stop was downtown at moore square for is the tallest building in the city (which is currently being built)...the spire was installed last week:

this parking deck is actually one of my company's jobs:

the old city market which is behind moore square has beautiful architectural details:
every year a wildlife rehab group has some of their current birds out...this little owl was SO tiny and cute...of course we wanted it:
kids were having a lot of fun in this rather large caterpillar...artsplosure had lots of activities for kids as well as fine artists and craftsmen:
a downtown museum for kids:
there were lots of dogs at the festival...this one had an easy ride:

an old church beside the children's's now used for private functions...against the blue sky it looked like something from greece:

farewell crowded streets:
back to the the husband is studying this unique coop that architecturally matched the house...these gentlemen had 4 brahma bantam hens that like to run around in the back yard
here are a couple of them:

this hen was getting ready to roost:

someone already laid an egg:
this was the largest run we saw all was very reminescent of my great grandmother's chicken coop:
another view:
4 day old chicks:

this coop had the only rooster we saw all day...these people raise a lot of chickens and the man teaches a 'chicken 101' class...i want to take it and learn more about chickens in the city...

the last coop we visited...i like the red color...they had 3 chickens they got from the people above:
later in the day we went to 'M's to feed her cat, ming, and check out the baby geese:
they came running for bread
more on what i got at artsplosure tomorrow...i'm off to the dentist to get my chipped tooth fixed...i broke it during the chicken tour...why does stuff like that always happnen on a saturday?


Pam said...

Looks like you had an amazing day of weather for your outing. The coop tour thing sounds fascinating.
The baby geese are so cute!
I hope your tooth is okay.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh I love this post!!!! I have been on Brad to let me get Chickens! we have the perfect shed out back for a coop... My sister has chickens and I love the atmosphere of them walking around the yard and collecting the eggs each morning.... we may but not until next spring. Ha..maybe I can talk him into a sheep too! LOL

Magnolia Sun said...

I LOVE the church it is so pretty. I want that owl too. Looks like a fun day sorry about your tooth - that's the kind of luck I have too.