Thursday, May 1, 2008

a 'real' post...

the husband says i haven't had a 'real' post in over a here goes...

norman (or his woman) wanted to see pictures of our yard so over the past few days when the sun was actually shining i took the camera outside:

standing on side yard retaining wall looking towards garden shed

looking straight ahead into back yard...notice birdhouse on pole at far right

back of house

another view of back...we are going to start a new bedding area here soon with a brick edging, slate pavers under the water hose, LOTS of mondo grass and some striped liriope and a couple of nandinas

right hand back corner with 4 patio ligustrums that i limbed up to look like mini trees...the birdhouse on the pole use to be here at the edge of these bushes but the birds weren't fond of it so this year it moved to it's new location.

see the birdhouse? it moved about 15 feet...and that's our neighbor's garden shed

view from side yard retaining wall up to front yard...the stepping stones were already (somewhat) there when we bought the house...

on of the husband's four 'tree kids'...he has raised these japanese maples from mere inches tall to now almost as tall as me!

the mini retaining wall...we put this in several years ago and the sideyard is now my favorite part of our yard...perhaps with all this work we are currently doing i will grow to like the entire yard?
i've also been busy painting and trying to get all my orders filled before we go on vacation...

co-worker's sign

two completed pixie sticks to be mother's day gifts
more pictures tomorrow of yard and some book reviews too!


Pam said...

I love how shaded your back yard is. We live is a new development so they are hardly any established trees. We got lucky though that the backyard gets the morning sun so it's shaded on the deck area in the late afternoon but, I'd still love a nice established tree back there.
I can see why you like that side yard, it looks great.

rpm said...

Your yard is so very nice. I love the shade. I bet the birds didn't like the bees that hang out on the ligustrum (spell?) tree or maybe the smell. Do birds smell? I love the pixies and the welcome sign.

Magnolia Sun said...

Do y'all have a basement? if so take a picture of it - we don't have basements around here. The yard is very neat and good job to husband with the trees.

Punchbugpug said...

Your yard is very tidy! Can you two come up and help us??? LOL Do you leave those trees outside in the pots year round????

Swampgirl said...

I love the white picket fence. Would love to have one around our yard! Also love the lion on the door under the house! I've asked for a Japanese Maple for Mother's Day or my birthday. My plan is to give one to my husband if he doesn't get me one first!