Tuesday, May 6, 2008

blogging from the beach ~ day trois

up at 6:30am to a foggy mess...the weather peeps promised it would clear up within 3 hours

breakfast: cranberry white chocolate chip muffin with pepitas on top...page, i'll post the recipe next week...they are delicious and very low fat as i substituted applesauce for the butter

11am: on the beach under out tent...

seagull eating something

the weather peeps were right...the fog did clear

afternoon snack: pina coladas, sea salt crackers & roasted red pepper hummus

went to barefoot landing to walk around and eventually eat dinner...all the tigers were out

juvenile white tigers

HUGE adult tigers

thank goodness they were behind glass!

especially for page! monkeys! this monkey had on teenie tiny shorts and a diaper
a 6 month old baby
how cute is it!!!
we ate at t-bonz and then walked to the waterway to look at the yachts at sunset...these are the big yachts that have little boats on top of them

a spanish moss covered tree on the inter coastal waterway

now i'm trying to finish a book in keeping up with my one book per day average...have a great nite.



rpm said...

IT's so beautiful there! Looks like you all sure do a lot in your day...plus trying to read a book a day?? The food look yummy again.

Pam said...

Fun! I didn't know that Tiger place was there.

Page said...

sweet little monkeys! did seeing the tigers make you miss your kitties?? :) btw, do they just hang out at the house when you're gone or do you have a sitter?

Now I am even more excited about that muffin recipe since it's low fat...I love substituting apple sauce for butter and/or oil.

Punchbugpug said...

Those tigers are something! Heh, I could make clothes for that little monkey! A new clothing line....lol

Glad you are having a good time relaxing (?) and reading!

Kbean said...

Awh, the big kitties. <3 And the monkey face! Haha. That muffin looks delish!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Thats a Pug Monkey!