Thursday, May 15, 2008

blogging from the beach ~ day 7 & 8

okay, finally the rest of the beach trip:
saturday was a gorgeous day...the best one of the we decided to spend the entire day on the beach

a dolphin!
this dog couldn't wait to get in the water...practically drug the owner in too

the husband thinks he's a pirate

is this not the coolest golf cart ever? i want one just like it:

the chair/umbrella rental guy thought he was the next kenny chesney

'M' didn't want her picture taken (she's in Cancun now...lucky duck)

the sky was beautiful...we stayed on the beach until after 4pm and then went back to hamburger joe's for dinner because we were leery of traffic with the bikers all in town.

sunday morning we got up and made a nice breakfast of spinach quiche, sausage and blueberry danish...and then the rains came...more like a deluge...
here are views out the car...i'm guessing this is what driving in a hurricane would be like. it rained cats and dogs for at least 1/3 of the way back home:

this is my view out the side window...going over a waterway in wilmington, nc

i miss the beach but am glad to be back home with the kitties...we'll be going back in early september!



AM said...

M is in Cancun now? From the beach for a week to another beach for a week?! Wow, she is lucky.

Magnolia Sun said...

I like your beach, looks like yall had some good waves. At least it waited to rain on yalls last day. Hope M has fun in Cancun.

Page said...

I don't know who M is, but I'm super jealous of her! Glad your back home safely after the deluge you had to drive through (though I'm sure you're not ready to be back at work!!)

rpm said...

Hey I like that pirate look! I likey that golf cart, too. You guys have some nice feet! M gets some good vacation time this year!

Mrs. D said...

At least the rain waited until your last day.

Pam said...

Your beach trips look like so much fun! M is in Cancun now? lucky!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Love the Foot photo.... You should frame it!