Wednesday, May 7, 2008

blogging from the beach ~ day 4

up at 6:30am for sunrise
weird stuff washed up overnight on the beach...looks like straw or something

since i got fried to a crisp (sort of) yesterday there was no beach for us today...we went to broadway at the beach and a fabric shop and walmart...(i forgot to take the camera) here are some fabric samples i chose:
i have to decide by friday which one i'm getting

'M' and i painted today...the turtle on the left is hers

i got a 'life is good' t-shirt at a store down at broadway at the beach

last nite i got a dress to wear to nephew #3's christening next month (and NO we didn't make our bed today...we are on vacay!) i need to find some shoes...either brown or black patent leather

tonite we ate in...spinach ricotta ravioli with marinara and fresh basil with sauteed chicken and salad

then we went for a late evening walk on the beach...

jelly fish!!!
after the walk we went to the WAY cute motel across the street to the tiki bar and had drinks...this place reminds me of mary kay andrews novel 'savannah breeze'...i would stay there if i didn't have a free place already...we met canadians and pennsylvanians.

it's late...tomorrow the in-laws arrive...



AM said...

Pennsylvanians? Wow! ;)

love yor projects. looking good.

I like the red fabric with the polka dots.

love the black and white beach pic. really good. if i had taken it, i would print it out in an 11 by 14 , frame it, and hang it in the living room.

Punchbugpug said...

You are having a GREAT vacation!!!! Beach, fabric, shopping, crafting, reading....sigh....

Pam said...

Sunburn? ouch! I hope it's feeling better.

I love the dress you picked out, it looks comfty. See all these beach pictures have me loning for some water, sand, and some frosty beverages.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I hope your sunburn gets better fast!

Page said...

Oh, I cannot express enough how envious I am of you right now!! While I'm stuck in a little office at my computer!!
BTW, hope you have lots of aloe and don't peel!

Wendy said...

I can not get enough of the photos! They are so fun to look at:) Glad that you all are having so much fun!

rpm said...

That looks like a wonderful day! I like the fabric on the bottom left-hand...reddish diamond/harlequin pattern with yellow and pink. The food looks so good. Shopping sounds fun!