Tuesday, April 22, 2008

weekend update ~ the herb planting edition

saturday morning we tried to read the newspaper before heading to get our herbs/etc. at the herbfest in wake forest, nc...but tyler and sophie had other ideas...they don't like it when the husband reads the paper instead of paying attention to them:

herbfest was bigger than ever this year...i only took this one picture

here is what i got:

this is one of my favorite things...it's some sort of groundcover:
oh look, we are parent's!!! notice the husband's finger in the upper left hand of the picture...that's to show how tiny these chickadees are: the husband's roma tomatoes and peppers all planted:
3 kinds of basil (sweet, greek and spicy globe):
chocolate mint, lavendar and oregano
more tomatoes:

in the pots in the back: more oregano and cilantro assorted plants in the side yard bed including new chives and lemon verbena and some ground cover:
my rosemary bush...it's probably 6 years old
and all the dwarf mondo grass...we've almost planted all in the right side pot...tonite we hope to finish and then start on the larger pot on the left...
another neat ground cover i got...i like the bright citrus green color
that's pretty much what we did...plant a ton of stuff...and we volunteered at the dog walk, but i didn't take the camera since i was going to be 'working'.



Pam said...

Looks like Tyler planted himself on that newspaper for the day. ;) I was wondering if the babies hatched yet. too cute!

You were busy planting away on Saturday! I really like that groundcover in the last picture. The color is really nice.

Magnolia Sun said...

I like the ground cover plants, looks like yall got a lot done.

AM said...

Oh my gosh! Whats the story behind the baby chicks???

I cant believe all your herbs and plants! Chocaloate mint? I didnt even know you could buy that as a plant.

Swampgirl said...

You always get so much done on your weekends! The groundcover you have looks like some I got called creeping fig. We had it around the pond before we dug everything up. I hope the pieces I saved come back because it spread fast and filled in between the rocks. Without it the pond looks like a volcano! 100 years ago I did my college internship in Raleigh at a school named Jeffrey's Grove (I think..) It was near a mall (Crabtree???) The college years are a little blurry!

rpm said...

Sophie and Tyler are adamant about that attention! I bet your cooking will taste so good soon with the fresh herbs. I hope those baby birds grow up and fly away! I would be worried about them all the time.

Sarah G. said...

Congratulations on being now parents! Baby birdies are so cute!!

I love all your plants. I want to get an herb garden...kind of hard to do in an apartment.

Very nice though!!

Page said...

I had no idea rosemary could get so large!! Wow!! That's practically a tree! Besides the rosemary, do you have any other herbs that last over the winter or do you have to buy all new herbs in the spring...I never know if it's just me that kills the herbs or if it's the winter! Have the cats seen the baby birds?? If Boo saw that outside the window he would go CRAZY!

girlville said...

am, i tell the story of the baby birds on friday (thanks for the post idea!)

swampgirl, i am getting some creeping fig tonite - at least that's what i think it is. when i get it planted i'll let you identify it! i know right where jeffrey's grove school is and yes it's near crabtree...the guys at work gave me a gift card to that mall today for admin day ;-)

page: yes, rosemary can get really large. i trimmed back a lot of it around easter and it's grown back already...my parents have one that's huge. i'll take a picture. i got my herbs last year at the same herbfest and they are all organically grown. everything came back save for the basil (which i'm pretty sure wouldn't anyways) - english thyme, sage, lavendar and chocolate mint. so this year i added more things that i think will survive winter. NO the cats haven't seen the baby birds and don't go telling them either. tyler likes chicken so i'm sure he'd find them tasty. they are not allowed to go outside unless the husband is holding them tight which is rarely. they enjoy birds from the windows only!