Tuesday, April 8, 2008

weekend update ~ did i conquer the list?

this morning i'll share what i accomplished in 2 of the 4 categories from my weekend to do list:

*iron a LOT of clothes - done, it took me 2 days to accomplish...i SO dislike ironing
*do all laundry - done
*put away easter décor/put out summerish décor - done...and i realize i have very little summer decor...must remedy that
*clean bathrooms - done
*polish dining room table - done, but it already looks bad again
*vacuum/mop all floors - i vacuumed...but since it rained all weekend i figured mopping would only be spinning my wheels
*work on re-hanging pictures in guest room - this didn't happen...i'm not having guests anytime soon so i figured why knock myself out

*prep up some lunches for next week - done and in freezer in individual serving containers, i made a harry&david mushroom & leek soup
*make a batch of banana bread to freeze (mini loaves) - done
*make/freeze a lasagna - done
*make a batch of pumpkin muffins to freeze - done, and i cannot wait for saturday to taste them...i added dried cranberries and few white chocolate chips...and i used applesauce instead of oil...which could be interesting
*cook a batch of rice for next week - done and in refrigerator
*cook delicious dinner fri/sat/sun (fri: omelets; sat: lemon chicken pasta & spinach salad, sun: bbq chicken pizza & spinach salad) - done, and wow, did we eat good!

here is some photographic evidence of the cooking:

friday nite omelets: sauteed mushrooms, sweet onion, red bell pepper with swiss and cheddar cheeses

also fruit and yogurt parfaits

saturday nite: salad (not spinach) and lemon chicken and pasta

the pumpkin muffins cooling...pepitas on top

beginnings of bbq chicken pizza for sunday
this is what i seasoned the chicken with

sunday's bbq chicken pizza and salad

beginnings of the lasagna to freeze: leftover carrots with garlic and spinach sauteed

the completed lasagna cooling before being frozen in individual serving containers

and finally...my baby sophielou decided to hang out in the pie safe drawer with the placemats...how she squeezed into that tiny opening is beyond me...when there is a will, there's a way!

come back later today for part II of weekend update: craftiness and general nonsense



Pam said...

You were busy!! That lasagna looks so good.
I've used applesauce before as a substitue in baking and it works really well. The muffins should be really moist!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You definitely accomplished a lot! Great job! And that food looks SO GOOD!

Punchbugpug said...

I'm leaving for your house Friday, right after work, so I can arrive Saturday early for muffins. I will be so tired I won't even notice that pictures in the guest room.

Mrs. D said...

yum, yum yum

can i come over for dinner?

Page said...

I feel ya when it comes to ironing...I HATE it. Good work on all your projects!

Swampgirl said...

So impressive!!! It does help to make a list and get to cross off things when you get it done. I did that this afternoon, my reward was a walk around the neighborhood! Love the kitty in the drawer! :)

rpm said...

All the food looks so very good. It must be so fun to find kitties funny places!