Monday, April 14, 2008

weekend update ~ the crafty part

this is part 2 of the weekend update - scroll down for part one, the garden
at one point on saturday girlville looked like this! i had WAY too many projects going on all at once...multi-tasking i guess you could say

the husband was in crafty mode too - he made 2 wine cork trivets (available in my etsy shop)

i started the HUGE flower cutout for co-worker's's 24" in diameter...i think i will need about a gallon of paint...i'm going to call these cutouts "whimsies"...i made one for myself too and will post a picture later this week

here is the beginning of co-worker's "welcome y'all" sign...i started the lettering tonite

i picked back up on painting the pot stakes from last year...i have several already cut out and ready to paint...i'm calling these "pixie sticks"...they will be in the etsy store on the lookout for dragonflies, flowers, butterflies, fish & seahorses

and i finished the LILY letters for co-worker...enlarge pictures to see all of charlie's fur on the bed...he sleeps up here and looks out the window when no one is home...otherwise he is squished under the bed hiding from the world.



Pam said...

Those pot stakes are too cute! I might need to order several of those. ;)

You were quite the busy one this weekend!

Page said...

Your crafts look great AND my husband makes wine cork trivets, too!! How funny is that?? I'm guessing you save all your wine corks as well? Rob gets so mad if I try and throw one away since he's working on trivet #2. That was really funny to see!

Magnolia Sun said...

Everything looks so good as always. I can't wait to see the welcome sign.

rpm said...

I love them all. You do such great work. I love the colorfulness of them. I might have to have a stake too. Wouldn't it be fun if at the next meet up, we all had a swap?? Punchy could load that little Bug she drives up with snake sticks and rocks!

AM said...

I love those seahorse garden sticks. Very adorable. Love that idea too! YOu can make so many different items on sticks. ANd those letters are great! You have been BUSY!!

Wendy said...

I love them all:)The seahorse stick is adorable!! How much fun can you have with those?!?