Friday, April 18, 2008

spring photo bloggy days!

EDITED: go here to see part 2 of my day!

shannon is hosting spring photo bloggy days today and tomorrow...check back often as i will be adding more photos as the day goes was my morning:

wake up! actually i'd already scooped litter boxes by now

brush those teeth & braces!
all my beauty supplies

shower stuff
tyler says 'let's make up the bed'
then he immediatly goes back to sleep

what i chose to wear today: it's 80* today


lunches packed

leaving home

more later...along with weekend plans, etc.


Pam said...

Fun! Tyler just "going to work" by taking a nap. That's what my crew tell me. ;)

rpm said...

I like bare minerals, too!

Shannon said...

Love the bare minerals! So you eat candles for lunch?!? :)

girlville said...

shannon, no we don't eat candles for lunch. that's the husband's 'lunchbox'.