Monday, April 21, 2008

spring photo bloggy days ~ part 2

please go here to see part 1 of my day

better late than is the rest of my friday:

get to work in no time flat...we have a short commute
lunch...really i had lasagna too but forgot to picture it
afternoon mail
afternoon snack break...i only ate one square
early release! yippee!

stopped at grocery on way home
home and groceries are unpacked
sophie is thankful we are home to open the door so she can get some sun
started laundry...this is a load of towels
then went outside to work in yard...a baby bunny was in neighbor's parking pad

gobs of dwarf mondo grass to divides into tiny little are looking at about one gagillion clumps there we have to plant...we are filling in some on the sideyard and then going to add some in new natural areas in backyard

dinner break: black bean & cheese quesdillas
view of the twilite sky
planters ready for herbs tomorrow
pot ready for tomatoes tomorrow

area filled in with mondo grass
tyler assisted with laundry while i was outside
he sorted it out for me
the husband cleaned out the litter boxes
i lit a new candle

sophie demanded i clean up the shoes on my closet floor

so the flip flop tub could come out of winter hibernation
it's bedtime
they all say so
so i washed my face and climbed in

good nite!


Pam said...

Yum, your dinner looks yummy. What's in the bowl?

I just knew your flip-flop bin would be labeled! ;) Looks like you got quite a bit accomplished outside!

girlville said...

pam, that's a bowl of salsa.

AM said...

:) Did you husband ok that picture of him?

Your quesidilla dinner looks so gourmet! It's amazing how those little touches of colored chips and strawberries make it look so fancy.

rpm said...

I enjoyed seeing your day in pictures. I like that the cats help you out so much. You are a Burt's Bees girl!

Mrs. D said...

I agree, you're dinner looks great.

So, did you have to plant each 'clump' of grass one at a time? That must have taken forever!

girlville said...

mrs d, yes one tiny clump at a time...we aren't even finished planting that tub of it and we have a LARGER tub still to go. i think i'll do a video of it so y'all can feel my pain.

Punchbugpug said...

I'm still trying to figure out what mondo grass is, guess I better go google it!

the husband said...

AM - not only did he not approve the pic, he didn't even know it was taken. Nothing like pulling up the ol blog today and seeing your butt staring back at you. ;-)

Magnolia Sun said...

what a busy day. yea for flip flops!

Wendy said...

FUN! I brought my flip flops out also:)

Page said...

That is a really good idea...a flip flop box!! Great pics, but I particularly liked the one of the husband cleaning the litter! Tehehe.