Friday, April 4, 2008

my to-do list...

just thought i'd share my to-do list aka Weekend Craft Challenge list that i do with punchy and pam everyweek (not necessarily all crafts) since this week it was particularly ambitious:

*finish painting co-worker's wooden cutout flower
*her neighbor wants one of the single letter monogram canvases in 11x14, so do that entirely
*co-worker has ordered a ‘welcome y’all’ sign for her front door – wood, need the husband to cut it out. if that occurs, will base paint it.
*sew up 4 americana banners and get 2 ready to ship (they are cut and pinned already)
*clean and organize craft room (an ongoing/never ending task)

*iron a LOT of clothes
*do all laundry
*put away easter décor/put out summerish décor (yes, I’m a decorating nut. last nite i dreamt of halloween decorating?!?!?!)
*clean bathrooms
*polish dining room table
*vacuum/mop all floors
*work on re-hanging pictures in guest room

*prep up some lunches for next week (perhaps some soups as i have about 4 ‘mixes’ from harry & david in the pantry)
*make a batch of banana bread to freeze (mini loaves)
*make/freeze a lasagna
*make a batch of pumpkin muffins to freeze
*cook a batch of rice for next week
*cook delicious dinner fri/sat/sun (fri: omelets; sat: lemon chicken pasta & spinach salad, sun: bbq chicken pizza & spinach salad)

general nonsense:
watch a netflix movie
finish reading a book
give myself a pedicure
do a face mask

seriously, this is insane and not even feasible...i've lost my mind...come back monday to see what actually happened...



rpm said...

Goodness...that is a lot...when I read this, I think I'll have to go take a nap in between each project!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Geeze! Busy girl! Good thing you are treating yourself to that Pedicure and face mask! Kick back with a Glass of wine too!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I don't know how you fit the "general nonesense" in there with that busy schedule! You are SUPER WOMAN!!

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow that made me tired just reading it, good luck on completing it all. I like the welcome sign, that's a great idea. I better start making a list of everything I want you to make for me when I move!

Wendy said...

Good luck with all that:)

Swampgirl said...

Thanks for coming by to visit! I'm exhausted just reading your to do list! We were planning a yardwork weekend but it is pouring. I didn't have a plan B so I may have to take a page from your book and make a list. I really enjoyed your wine tour recap, I lived in NC for high school and college but never knew that there were so many wineries!

Pam said...

*snort* I'm not laughing..I promise. ;)

AM said...

That sure is a lot Kristie! I cant wait to see tommrowo what all you accomplished!