Friday, April 4, 2008

inquiring minds wanted to know...

okay, due to lack of anything better to post about i'm going to answer all ?'s that were posed throughout the week:

banner love - thanks to everyone who noticed the banner change and liked it...i've been messing with my template all week and like the changes i've made thus far (wider template, labels in drop down format, new banner, other things i have already forgotten)...anyhoo, i changed the banner on tuesday (?) and may tweak it a bit more with perhaps a better picture of that sign.

am commented on the tennis shoes: i have 2 pairs at all times...the 'older' pair is for when i do something non-athletic that requires wearing tennis shoes and the 'newer' pair is for walking...i don't run unless something is chasing me! when i buy a new pair the 'older' ones get tossed and the 'newer' ones become the 'older - it's all about rotation.

pam: yes, saucony brand rocks...i'm on my 3rd pair

pugposse: i have no idea why i don't have stones stuck in my shoes...maybe cause i walk on asphalt? we don't have a lot of stones around except for in our crappy back yard.

punchy: yes! we do need a wine cellar...i'm wondering if we can dig out the crawlspace and concoct one???

am: no, i have never really considered printing out any of our travel pics and framing them...mainly due to procrastination...i have yet to have our disney pictures from 3 years ago printed...

ms: (i already mentioned this yesterday) you can go back here to learn about dropshots and picasso for making a video out of pictures like i did with our vineyard shots

page: you & rob come on up and we'll take you on a vineyard tour! our favorite(s) from this trip were, stony knoll, flint hill and for our favorite bottle...i don't think we have drank it yet ;-)

have a great weekend! i have lots of plans...

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Pam said...

I so need to get another pair of Saucony's.