Friday, April 11, 2008

in case you are dying to know...

here is my to-do list for this weekend...i'm not sure how much will get done...but our 80 degree sunny weather is going to take a turn for the worse and be only 60 on i will have to huddle inside shivering and maybe mop a floor or 2.

*paint individual wooden letters ‘LILY’ for co-worker
*base paint/polka dots on ‘welcome y’all’ sign for same co-worker
*get large and small flowers cut out (the husband has to do this, i'm not allowed to touch the saw)
*base paint large flower
*pack up and take 2 items to PO (is that crafty?)
*start recovering 2 pillows for ‘M’
*paint at least one pot stake (hopefully 2)

general nonsense:
*walk friday & saturday
*yoga CD on sunday (i'm laughing my self silly over that one)
*do a facial
*watch movie
*finish reading book

*garden center's spring open house on saturday

*clean house
*vacuum and mop floors

food, food, glorious food:
*friday nite – cheese, crackers, strawberries, fresco dining on the rusty cafe table
*saturday nite – tortellini with pesto sauce, sauteed chicken, salad
*sunday nite – spinach linguine with red sauce, salad
*make couscous for lunches

hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend with great weather...



Pam said...

Sounds like another busy weekend for you! Our weather is suppose to turn cold this weekend to. I think the high on Monday is in the 40s but somehow we will be back to 70 by Thursday. strange.
So you are doing yoga now? I just started going to a couple classes at my gym and I'm starting to really like them.

Punchbugpug said...

Open house???? Did my invite get lost in the mail????

Your food plans sound WONDERFUL...I'm starving...

girlville said...

punchy, MY bad - i meant the garden center is having an open house, not me :-) if i had one i'd certainly invite you though.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Do you ever rest? you make me tired just reading your to do list!

Oh BTW I will see you on Friday night for the Cheese,Crackers, and strawberries and wine and Heck I will just stay the weekend so I can enjoy the menu for Saturday and sunday!

Kbean said...

Sounds like a crafty weekend up ahead!

rpm said...

I love reading your to-do list for the me inspiration...but do I act on it?? The food all sounds so good.