Tuesday, April 8, 2008

weekend update ~ part deux...i owned the list!

general nonsense:
*watch a netflix movie - done friday nite while ironing...watched 'a good woman' with helen hunt...it was GREAT
*finish reading a book - didn't quite get done but read a lot and finished the book today
*give myself a pedicure - didn't do...but it's too cold to wear open toe shoes until thursday so i can still get this done in time for flippies
*do a face mask - did not one but two: saturday nite steamed, clay mask, toner and moisturizer...sunday nite steamed, moisturizing mask, toner and moisturizer...i can tell a big difference too

*finish painting co-worker's wooden cutout flower - i got it totally painted but was nervous about the lettering...finished it last nite after consulting with her about it yesterday at work
*her neighbor wants one of the single letter monogram canvases in 11x14, so do that entirely - done!!!
*co-worker has ordered a ‘welcome y’all’ sign for her front door – wood, need the husband to cut it out. if that occurs, will base paint it. - i thought about this...does that count?
*sew up 4 americana banners and get 2 ready to ship (they are cut and pinned already) - done, one delivered to 'M', 2 ready to mail (to pam and am...friday, ladies) and one to list on etsy as soon as the sun shines and i can photograph it
*clean and organize craft room (an ongoing/never ending task) - yeah, this was never going to happen!

crafty pictures:

a RARE sunday evening sighting of charlie on the bed with his pal, tyler...he did this last nite too...

ooooh, what's that noise??? i must jump down immediately

bonus shot: last nite's dinner of sweet potato fries and alexia chicken/spinach/feta nuggets...consumed with a bottle of ring of fire...splendid!



Sarah G. said...

I love the two paintings! Another job well done!!

Yummy...I haven't had sweet potato fries in a long time. I think I'll have to fix some more of those sometime soon.

Pam said...

That flower is super cute! I also love the banner. I look forward to receiving it.

So Charlie likes hanging out with Tyler?! Does he not care much for the girls?

I love the Alexia products but I haven't seen chicken spinach nuggets. Then again, maybe I saw them at Super Target once but I've never tried them. They sound yummy.

rpm said...

Great job on your projects! Looks like you are getting orders! I am so glad to see Charlie come out of hiding!

Magnolia Sun said...

I LOVE the flower, it's so pretty again wait until I get a house and I'll be paying for your braces!

AM said...

Hmm. Those alexia nuggets you mentioned sound like something Jason and Emma would like.

Love the banners! So glad I ordered one.