Monday, March 17, 2008

weekend update...

looking back, i didn't do anything very fun or interesting over the weekend...we did go to trader joes on saturday morning to replenish our stock... and ate chinese takeout 3 nites in a row!

tyler contemplates his mother's laziness...i think he looks like a penguin sitting on an egg

please get the camera out of my face, mama...

sunday morning when the husband came upstairs with coffee, breakfast and the paper he had a stack of mail with packages!!! for some odd reason we forgot to get our mail in on saturday...i don't have pictures of the packages pre-opening cause i get so loopy when i get a package that i have to open it no time for getting the package was from rpm...what a surprise!

vera bradley notecards, tiny little bunny candles (perfect cupcake toppers) and a monogrammed fabric button which i'm going to put on one of my coats for spring...thank you, sandy!

the other package was my business cards that i ordered for my etsy shop and crafty business in general:

i worked a lot on the co-worker's HUGE nursery fact i nearly finished it save for some tedious line work that will separate the cream from the darker cream around the monogram...i'm shaking in my boots about that part...i am going to force myself to finish it tonite

while it is bright, the colors aren't really true in this picture

as part of the weekly craft challenge i do with punchy and pam i had said i was going to clean/straighten the craft room...well...i didn't...proof:

we did have rough weather saturday with tornado watches and whatnot...perhaps a mini tornado tore thru?
last nite for dinner since i was tired of chinese i switched over to mexican...we had chimichurri (?) rice and chicken verde burritos from trader joes:

the burritos were excellent and came two to a pack

the hurricane vase centerpiece is like the energizer's been going strong since halloween...i think i'll put it away after easter though...unless y'all can come up with some ideas of what to do with it next...

have a great week...a short one at that...woohoo



AM said...

Red White and Blue Jelly Beans, starting mid-may for Memorial Day for the vase.

The canvas looks GREAT!

What is that very cool looking fabric sticking out of the Old Navy bag???

And I LLOOOOOVVVEE the black crackled dresser adn nightstand. Next time you go out of town, I am coming to steal them. Fair Warning.

AM said...

You posted so much I forgot to comment on the top half of the post!

What a cute assortment of stuff from Sandy! That K fabric button is SO you. That's aweome. It all looks so pretty packaged together like that.

And I like that picture of Tyler on the stairs. That's a good one.

girlville said...

am: the 'very cool fabric' is the bumper pad that goes in co-worker's's what i used to coordinate the canvas painting.

rpm said...

I love the canvas...I'm so curious what you have to do to it next?? I'm so glad you like the little package! I love seeing your craft room and being able to see it messy is fun because I believe things get out of control quickly when you're working hard! I didn't see the cats hiding in there.

Pam said...

I like AM's idea of the jelly beans for the vase. That would be really cute. What a neat gift from rpm, the monogram button is really nice.
Tyler is so cute, those are great pictures you got of him. Oh, and your craft room looks about like my guest room does with stuff stacked on the bed. Don't feel too bad. lol! ;)
Oh and that rice looks wonderful, I want to reach into the screen and have a bite.

Mrs. D said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's but I long for one each time you post something about them! That rice looks great. Are those peas in there? That's a neat idea for a Mexican dish, I'm not used to seeing that. Did it come that way and you just warm it up or did you have to put it together?

Magnolia Sun said...

I've never seen candy corn that color before. The canvas is so pretty, you are doing great on it and I'm sure what you have left to do will turn out beautiful.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

OMG I am LOVING the Vera Bradley goodie from Sandy...I am on a mission to go and look for that when I return home from Vacation!