Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend update

friday ~ went to grocery store and supertarget...had mac and cheese for dinner...fell asleep reading book way too early (embarrassingly early)

saturday ~ worked on a small canvas painting, a huge nursery canvas painting and ironing the mountain of clothes hanging on the banister outside our bedroom

sunday ~ cooked a pot of chicken noodle soup for lunches this week, finished small canvas, finished a banner for the etsy shop, finished reading my book, cleaned the house, had a margarita to celebrate the lovely extra hour of daylite!!!!! i love love love daylight savings time...yippee, hip hip hooray for light

princess birthday banner, soon to be listed in etsy shop

small (8x10) canvas for co-worker...will do custom ones...available in etsy shop

this week is supposed to bring nice, sunny, spring like weather to our lovely city...i hope to spend some time outside every evening after work soaking up some much needed vitamin d!


AM said...

I LOVE the little painting. LOVE. And that banner is so adorable. You are really doing great work! So proud of you. :)

I think I like the extra hour of daylight too. It does throw Emma's bedtime off, as at 7pm, her in bed time, its still ligth, but we'll work on that. Last night we had her in bed by 7:30pm. Its probably more us than her that it effects.

It will be super nice for J to get home and still have at least an hour of light instead of it being dark. It's no fun to go to work when its dark AND come home when its dark.

Pam said...

Oh, I love the new banner! very cute.
I love daylight saving time too. I SO want Spring to hurry up and get here.
Really nice work on that canvas. You do beautiful work.

rpm said...

I love the canvas with the initial. Love it! The princess banner is so cute, too. You must be having fun picking out the materials and designs! You all didn't get any snow this weekend?

girlville said...

rpm: nope, no snow up here. just a lot of rain friday into saturday and then extrememly high winds on saturday afternoon hurricane force (or so it seemed to me).

Magnolia Sun said...

I love the canvas (just wait until I get a house) and I love daylight savings time too.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Hooray for Spring! Your projects look awesome!