Monday, March 24, 2008

weekend update ~ part one: foodapalooza

over the long holiday weekend i decided we were going to eat ourselves silly!
thursday dinner: assorted cheeses, hummus, crackers, wine (no pictures)
friday lunch: the only thing i didn't cook from scratch all weekend, a trader joe's spinach pizza
friday dinner: i decided to blatantly copy AM on her indian crock pot dish...i'm calling it 'indian stew'

cast of characters: fingerling potatoes, masala sauce, onion, carrots, chicken tenders

if you haven't used these before, run to the store and buy them! the inventor should be granted a noble prize for cooking...

all ingredients in crock pot along with 2 cups of water...i held out on the masala sauce until the last hour of cooking...i cooked on low for about 5 hours

after five hours i drained out the 'broth' and added back in one cup if it plus the jar of masala sauce and cooked for another hour on low

i heated up this bag of pre-cooked pilaf to go with the indian stew

finished product...verdict, yum

saturday dinner: homemade pizza

i just used whatever i could find in the fridge...3 kinds of cheese, some chicken tenders to saute, etc.

finished product

wine...didn't pair well with the pizza though

sunday brunch: spinach quiche and chicken sausages

a very nice homemade was nice to stay in and let everyone else deal with the restaurant crowds...

sunday dinner: homemade chinese and lemonade later...

i did SO much over the holiday weekend...tomorrow's post will show all the craftyness and whatnot!

i need to go run a marathon now after all that eating...



AM said...

A) I've never used those crock pot liners but I SHOULD because Jason usually washes the crock pot, but he might leave it for a day or so and that annoys me
B) I love what you did with the suace, I will have to try that.
C) Cant wait to see all your crafting!

Pam said...

I'll take a slice of that quiche please.
I didn't get anything accomplished for WCC this weekend.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Now I'm starving!

Magnolia Sun said...

My MIL swears by those liners too, makes clean up so much easier. Everything looks so good, can't wait to see what all you made.

Punchbugpug said...

Honestly, I feel bad complaining about making scrambled eggs and pancakes...

Those crock pot liners look awesome. I'll have to look around. I hate cleaning out the crockpot.

Where are the craft photos? I'm still waiting......

rpm said...

Oh yummy food you had this past weekend. I think I'll pick some of those liners up next time I go to wallyworld. Show me the cupcakes and crafts.

Sarah G. said... were a busy girl...and all that food looks great!