Thursday, March 13, 2008


one of y'all is just dying to see my weekly laundry process...i ain't naming names...guesses are allowed.

we have 2 areas for dirty laundry. the first is in the master bath linen closet on the floor. this is where all delicate items and clothing go:

all towels, t-shirts, white socks (and the husband's boxers) go in a separate bin located in the husband's closet:
i wash the towels, etc. on wednesdays and then again on the weekend. everything in that hamper goes directly in the wash with no sorting...but all of the items in the other smaller hamper get sorted and sorted and sorted:

last weekend after my sort i had only 4 piles (from top): the husbands work shirts and khaki pants/jeans/socks...delicate darks...delicate whites...and a raincoat (not a normal item). i can have up to 6 piles after the sort! also on the weekend i wash our sheets and coverlet...every couple of weeks i wash the other blankets we are using during the cold weather.

now on to products...for dark loads i have been using the 'cheer for darks' and i like it a lot. i can really tell that the items aren't fading. for stains i use stain stick (which ever brand i have a coupon for). i use store brand fabric softener sheets BUT when these run out i'm going to get some of these as i think they are more eco-friendly:

more products...for pure whites that are badly stained i use bleach and let the load sit overnite...but for everyday cleaning i use powdered biz (i empty the box into the clear container)...i LOVE LOVE LOVE biz...for tiny stains on something white (like pasta sauce on a white shirt) i use bleach pens:

finally...our main laundry detergent...since both of us have extremely sensitive skin i have to use 'all free and clear' which has no dyes or scents...sure, our laundry doesn't smell all floral or whatever, but it beats having rashes:

that's it for my laundry process! if you know of any other eco-friendly laundry products please share as i'm all for greening up my laundry.



AM said...

But is it a laundry closet or a laundry room?

I hadnt thought about using a seperate detergent for dark colors. I dont think I have a place to keep another detergent, so I might not be able to do that.

I just bookmarked that Biz site and am going to read up on it. :)

Thanks for the post!

Page said...

Wow, you are very organized with your laundry!! I really dislike laundry and tend to put it off for as long as possible. Question: Do you do your husband's laundry or does he do his own?? When Rob and I were first married I thought I would be such a good wife and do his laundry. That lasted a few months and then I told him to do his own! But, I do all the household laundry so I think that counts for something!

girlville said...

am: i have a laundry closet...when it's clean i'll take a picture...that won't happen any time soon!

page: i do ALL laundry (he does trash, recycling, litter boxes)...but he does fold his own t-shirts, boxers, etc. because he's anal about it.

Pam said...

We use the free and clear type detergents too! I once used the scented stuff but my husband is really sensitive to chemical smells, so we switched. Now, I can't hardly stand to have detergent with any scent.

We have the same set-up at our house. Me laundry, husband trash and litter boxes. I usually fold all the laundry though.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

LOL! You sort your clothes! Wow! That's a novel idea! We just throw ours in altogether when we run out of underwears!!!

rpm said...

good night ... I'm missing that laundry gene. Must be why I can mess up some things pretty badly. I'm guessing AM wanted to see your laundry routine!

Magnolia Sun said...

I do all the laundry all the time, daily. When husband does it it just gets messed up so I prefer to do it all. He does car stuff and garage and outside stuff and sometimes cooks so I think I can handle the laundry.

Sarah G. said...

Wow...that is so organized. That makes me tired just to think about! I might need to try the non-scented stuff because my dog is extremely sensitive to smells.

I wish I was more organized with my laundry!!

Pugalicious said...

way too much work for me I just separate and pile at the end of the week, do it and get it over with, nothing this elaborate. wow