Friday, March 28, 2008

book club

'M' and another friend started a 'girl's only book/chitty chat club'...we met for the first time last week to 'discuss' (term used rather loosely...i think we talked about the book for maybe 2.5 minutes ) the first book which was 'a bend in the road' by nicholas sparks. okay, to get the book out of the way i will just say: i didn't like it. i don't think he is the author for me. there is a 'twist' (i guess) in the book and i had it figured out very early on. i thought the book was way too predictable and his writing style is very sappy. but we did meet at a really cool tapas restaurant that i had never been to before. there were only 6 of us who showed up and 2 'new' people (to me)...they were all very nice...we are going to meet every 6 weeks...our next book (chosen by the next hostess) is 'size 12 isn't fat' by meg cabot (author of 'the princess diaries').

so far this year i have read 11 books! i haven't been very diligent doing book reviews so here is a mini re-cap of the books that i LIKED...if i didn't like it i'm not going to review it, fair?

deep dish, mary kay andrews: while this isn't my all time favorite of her's it's still outstanding. i read it in about a day...i couldn't put it down...if you like watching foodtv, run to the store and buy it! MKA rocks! i can totally see this being made into a movie and i think matthew mcconaughey should play tate...that's all i'm gonna say in hopes that you will all be curious enough now to read it...

flies on the butter and the will of wisteria, denise hildreth: yeah, i'm late to the party on these books...this author is outstanding! with the help and generosity of pam i've now accumulated the savannah trilogy and am saving it to read while at the beach in may...flies on the butter reminded me a lot of my childhood and just growing up in simpler times where your family all lived nearby and eating dinner with family was an ordinary event, but now life is so faced paced we never take time to stop and do anything together. the will of wisteria was great too...i loved the premise of these 4 spoiled rotten adult children having to do something they didn't want to in order to 'win' their inheritance...again they were living a face paced life and weren't taking the time to stop and appreciate family...i'll have to see if that's an underlying theme in the savannah books...i wonder when she will write another book...she's become another of my fav authors.

okay, in the morning we are heading out on a little weekend's a hint...this is one of the places we are going:

i'm liable to blog from the road so check back tomorrow to see if i've dined with any stars....

have a great weekend!



AM said...

Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT time. And take lots of pictures. Tons.

Punchbugpug said...

We'll be watching to see where your adventures take you!

Magnolia Sun said...

Have fun and I think I know where you'll be.

rpm said...

I hope you eat plenty of good food while on your trip. Maybe a picture of something you ate?? I really like Denise Hildreth's writing. I am starting on the MKA book now!

Pam said...

I need to pick up Deep Dish. I think I might save that one for our vacation in May, it sounds like a good read.
I'm glad you like Hildreth. I just really like her style.
As for Sparks, I have this like/loathe thing for his books. I started reading him when his first book, The Notebook came out nad just haven't been able to stop. I met him once several years ago and I think hearing some of the stories behind the books gave me a different perspective. You're right though, he's pretty sappy and all his books are similar. If you want to give him another chance, try his nonfiction book Three Weeks with My Brother. It's my fav of his.

Sarah G. said...

Have a great trip! I can't wait to find out where you went.

I got my awesome painting yesterday. I took pictures and will blog all about it later!

THANK YOU again!