Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weekend update

last saturday we had my younger cousins over for a pizza party...unfortunately i didn't take any pictures...but rest assured we had a lot of fun!

sunday morning we slept in late (8:30 - the horror, our entire day was practically gone)...
tyler said 'get UP, dad'

kady said 'i'm eating breakfast without y'all'

sophie said 'i'm going to eat this fish and then jump on the entertainment center'

we had breakfast in bed (coffee and banana bread) and read the paper...

at some point i finished cutting out all the easter banner fabric

and then i set out to finish my weekend craft challenge projects!

i finished this spring/summer banner for 'M'
and 2 more st. pat's banners*

tyler says 'these banners are cool'

i also worked on secret project (well the recipient knows, but it's a secret to y'all)...and met all of my weekend craft challenge goals...to see what else we did this weekend, click here to go to the private blog...


*if you are interested, i have 3 st. pat's banners for sale...special blog friend price $10 + shipping...more banners coming soon and the etsy shop will hopefully be going by end of week.


Pam said...

You really got a lot accomplished this weekend!! I'm sure the kitties were supervising.

AM said...

I couldnt tell that was banana bread until I enlarged the photo! Looks much tastier enlarged. :)

rpm said...

Those banners are so very cute! Can i have Sophie?? She is so very tiny.

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow you were busy and the banners are very pretty.

Page said...

LOL! I do the same thing when I sleep in "late" around 8:30...the whole day is gone!!