Thursday, February 21, 2008

food diary part three

2:30pm snack: guinness brownie...recipe here...i made these for the husband to take to work...they are unbelievably scoop up the ingredients and make them immediately, you won't be disappointed (can you believe i actually took that picture?!?!?!)

pre-dinner snack: glass of merlot (?) and hushpuppies...weird, no? explanation follows

dinner: catfish and MORE hushpuppies with butter from sanitary fish market in morehead city, nc (aka the beach)...the husband had to travel there today for work...also, he brought me a pink t-shirt! he rocks...

to be, i'm not done yet!



rpm said...

oh yummy hushpuppies....I like that t-shirt.

Magnolia Sun said...

now that's some butter! I so love hushpuppies and so glad I can get them anytime I want to.

AM said...

I LOVE hushpuppies. LOVE. That's so nice of him! ANd that brownie looks great!

Pam said...

YUM! your dinner looks really good right now. I've been craving seafood (and I use to absolutely HATE it).
Gonna have to try that brownie recipe. It looks rich.