Tuesday, February 5, 2008

everything you never wanted to know about mardi gras...with some hot chocolate

no one in my office knows a darned thing about mardi gras or king cakes or why i am having pancakes for dinner tonite! so i've taken it upon myself to offer up a tutorial based on my findings on wikipedia and google and i'm sharing it with y'all too (even though i know some of you are very knowledgeable on said subject):
'Mardi Gras (French for "Fat Tuesday") is the day before Ash Wednesday, and is also called "Shrove Tuesday" or "Pancake Day". Mardi Gras is the final day of Carnival, though the term is often used incorrectly to describe the days and weeks preceding Fat Tuesday. Carnival begins 12 days after Christmas, or Twelfth Night, on January 6 and ends on Mardi Gras, which always falls exactly 47 days before Easter. Perhaps the cities most famous for their Mardi Gras celebrations include New Orleans, Louisiana; Venice, Italy; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many other places have important Mardi Gras celebrations as well. Carnival is an important celebration in most of Europe, except in the United Kingdom where pancakes are the tradition, and also in many parts of Latin America and the Caribbean'.
"Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent - the 40 days leading up to Easter - was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday Christians went to confession and were "shriven" (absolved from their sins). It was the last opportunity to use eggs and fats before embarking on the Lenten fast and pancakes are the perfect way of using up these ingredients."
last nite i worked on cutting out some banners and watched jon&kate+8 (the 'babies' are getting cuter and cuter) and had a cup of hot chocolate:

i got this at christmas as a gift

then at traderjoez on saturday i found this whipped cream...how could i NOT buy it what with the hot pink lid? it's quite possibly the prettiest can of whip i've ever seen...and it matched the sprinkles i already had...

voila! it was delicious...

hope y'all have the best mardi gras, shrove tuesday, pancake day, super tuesday ever...


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Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

We lived in Mobile for 9 years, and this pancake thing is new to us. Maybe that's a French thing and not a Gulf Coast thing.