Monday, February 11, 2008


in order to post some more private things i have decided to start a 'member's only' order to read the posts which i deem 'private' you will need to be an invited member and will have to log in. i am working on setting up this private blog and hope to have it going in the next day or so. i won't post on it everyday and will prompt you when to go to that blog for a post...

if you are a regular reader/commenter on this blog you are more than are the rules, though:
  • please NOT post a link to the new blog publicly or on any website such as your own blog
  • do NOT share the link with anyone. if someone asks you for the link refer them to me.
  • this blog will be PRIVATE meaning that only regular readers/commenters are being allowed in
  • i will still post here on a regular basis. there will most likely only be one or two private posts a week.

please email me if you would like to read this private blog. DO NOT comment in the comments as i will need your email which you most likely wouldn't want to post for all the world to see.

this is the best compromise i can come to vs. taking my entire blog private...we will see how it goes...

thank you,


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