Monday, July 2, 2007

weekend update

our weekend (the final birthday blowout weekend) was super busy!


  • got out of work early! woohoo! so i took a nap...
  • went to fabric store for supplies
  • weekly grocery store shopping
  • dinner at a new local 'pub' style restaurant...fall's tap room...which is one of several tap rooms in this local was pretty good, we had pictures, sorry.


  • went to trader joe's and stocked up for the month!! bought a ton of stuff.
  • went to supertarget for some supplies and got two books ('baby blues' by emily giffin...they didn't have 'something blue' which is the one i NEED; i forget what the other book was).
  • watched a movie with 'M'...'music and lyrics' with hugh grant and drew was pretty good...i give it 3 outta 5 stars
  • went to bead store for a bracelet making class...i forgot to take a picture (but mine looks just like the one in the class description)! i'll post one later this was lots of fun and the bracelet was very, very easy to make. i see myself making lots of these for gifts.
  • made dinner ('M' ate with us) from stuff i got at trader joe's...spinach & ricotta ravioli with marinara sauce and fresh basil from my yard...salad...asiago peppercorn bread...dipping oil...cabernet savignon from the winery at myrtle beach...behold...note sophie sitting on the bench...mmm, people food...
  • the husband had to take his parents to the airport for a 6:30AM flight to orlando...i stayed in bed!
  • 'M' came over and we went to the early showing of 'ratatouille'...i LOVE pixar was really good...i give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • ate at '5 guys burgers & fries' since we were right there at north hills...'vivace' where we had my official birthday dinner is also at north hills...
  • back at home i made 6 mini loaves of blueberry banana bread, couscous & black bean salad for the week's lunches and lemonade cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting just for fun...'M' and i practiced frosting skills...
  • put the furniture and plants back on the deck from the power washing/sealing last week...i rearranged the furniture and like it a lot better...the husband noticed a cardinal has made a nest in the bushes along the side of the deck...he captured the mom feeding her only baby!
i got some great shots of a squirrel eating out of the 'munch box'...i love how he has his back foot against the box (in the last picture)...for balance??

  • went to 'M's house to feed the geese...remember how small they use to be? they are all grown up now and will probably be going to college very soon...but there are some new 'kindergartners'...ducks!

  • here is 'M's cat, ming...he is a siamese and is super sweet...when 'M' goes on vacations and whatnot we go over and take care of him...look at those eyes!

after taking a short walk with 'M' we headed home to settle in for the was a busy weekend (what's new?) and i'm ready for my day off on wednesday!



Pam said...

Great animal pictures! The bird and squirrel ones are terrific. Look at Mr. Ming! I just wanna scritch his head. Is he talkative at all?
Since the last time you posted about 5 Guys Burgers, I search the one out here and I'm so addicted. I thought Music and Lyrics was cute but I had that "Pop" song in my head for days. I want to see Ratatouille.

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow that made me tired reading it. I can't wait to see your beaded stuff, that sounds like fun. Glad M is doing good, her cat is beautiful too.

AM said...

I just commented, but now I dont see my comment... Maybe I didnt get that code thing right.

ANyway, GREAT looking dinner you made. Yummy. Especially the bread and dipping oils! And those pictures are fantastic. The one of the momma bird feeding her baby bird made me tear up. Such a special moment to capture`

rpm said...

I agree with Magnolia Sun, I am tired thinking about how much you put into the weekend. Those cupcakes sound wonderful. Did they taste good? Ming is so pretty and your camera is taking great pictures and the zoom is amazing. I want to see Ratatoullie too. I'll wait for it to come out on DVD. Sophie looks like a very well mannered dinner guest.

Sarah G. said...

We watched Music and Lyrics this weekend too. I really like it...but then again...I really like Drew B. Even the hubby liked it. And "Pop" is still stuck in my head. Grrr

What kind of camera do you have? I have never seen such clear pictures. Then again...maybe it's the picture taker. :-)

Oh...just out of much are your classes at Michaels?

girlville said...

sarah, i just got a new camera for my birthday: a sony cyber-shot dsc-h9...i barely know how to use it yet. the book that goes with it (on a cd) is 120+ pages!!! the classes at michaels for painting are $20...and some months they do a 'free' class that lasts an hour. my store has a calendar handout each month that lists all classes and their prices. if you have a c moore, they do classes also. good luck!