Monday, July 16, 2007

weekend update ~ water leak edition

  • we escaped from work 30 minutes early and headed to petsmart for our spca volunteering. there were 8 cats and they were all super sweet. one was by far the largest cat i've ever seen. we go back wednesday and i'm taking my camera so if he's still there i'll show you...for real, the husband thinks the cat weighs at least 20 pounds and said his head was almost the same size as mine!
  • after stopping by the house to change clothes and check on the kids we headed to pick up 'M' on the way to the art show/art after hours in wake was sort of drizzling rain when we got there so we only went to the art gallery. we looked around a bit and had some of the wine they were offering for tasting
  • for dinner we went to armadillo grill at the factory in wake forest. the food was just average and we all agreed we most likely wouldn't go back. the factory turned out to be a big teen hangout...yeah, we won't be going back there either


  • we went to the grocery at 8am!!! needless to say we nearly had the store to ourselves...not many people shop that early on a saturday
  • by 10am we were at the crafter's flea market...i got some beads to make bracelets and maybe earrings with...everything else i saw that i liked i could easily make so i restrained.
  • next we headed to logan's trading post and i picked out some plants for a bed on the side of the house and some flowers to replace some that have already died (sometimes i forget to water)...we also ate at the little restaurant there called seaboard cafe...i learned that when the place was a train depot that was the lunch counter. we all had cheeseburgers and they were fabulous
  • for dinner i made 2 pizzas that i'll go into more detail about in this week's tutorial


  • we had breakfast in bed/read the paper
  • i made a pillow for 'M'
  • i baked NINE mini loaves of blueberry banana bread
  • the husband started working on the plant bed on the side of the house....i went under the house to get an old garden hose to map out the border of the bed...i heard 'drip drip drip'...i saw water dripping down from somewhere in the center of the house...that's pretty much where my day dad was called in for reinforcement, things were taken apart, a trip was made to home depot, blow torches, copper tubing, pressure valves, etc, etc, no water for hours....finally at about 7:30pm the problem was fixed...except when the husband went under the house tonite to check it the new pressure valve thingie was leaking a tiny bit...he's going to try to tighten it more tomorrow's just barely leaking.
  • SO...i didn't watch any movies, iron any clothes, finish any more projects, make any lunches, clean the house...i was robbed of my sunday!!!

here are some really neat cigar boxes the husband brought home recently:

and the beads i got at the crafter's flea market (they were all $1 or 50 cents, really cheap!):


Magnolia Sun said...

So sorry y'all spent Sunday under the house! I really like the cigar boxes, I don't think I've seen that kind that are actually boxes. Can't wait to see what you make.

ryc: The Outer Banks is a really good book, I'm about half way finished. I'm sure you would like it and probably know the area as well.

Pam said...

Yikes, sorry you all had to deal with that and ruin your Sunday.
Those beads look great! I'm anxious to see what you will make with them. I have several bags myself that are in my unfinished project pile (I have many of those).
Gorgeous cigar boxes!

AM said...

Now, how is it again that the husband gets all these cigar boxes?

Im sorry you were robbed of your Sunday. I know that's dissapointing. And too bad about the Factory! I went to their website and it looked so cool! They should not let anyone under 21 in.

Mrs. D said...

Well, let's look on the bright sounds like at least PART of your weekend was fun. Oh the joys of owning a home. That's great that your husband and father were able to fix it though and you didn't have to call anyone in.

rpm said...

I likey those beads! You must keep us informed of your jewelry projects. I hate that about the leak...glad you caught it before it got worse. I looked at the Web site for the factory place and it looked like some good stores there and a good bakery! Maybe during the daytime the teens aren't out as much.