Monday, July 9, 2007

weekend in review

we've been cat and lizard sitting for the neighbors all week...the lizard ran out of crickets so the husband had to go to the pet store yesterday to get more...charlie and sophie wanted to eat them!

the neighbors returned home from their week in vermont last nite and brought us this as a thank you for pet sitting...

we love vermont maple syrup!

friday we got outta work early (woo hoo!!) so we went ahead and ran to target and the grocery. i spent the rest of the evening finishing up a book.

saturday morning tyler had an early vet appointment for his annual checkup...he was a very sweet boy the entire time and got a clean bill of health save for he needs his teeth cleaned (we pretty much knew that anyways) but she said we can wait until they run their fall special in october so we can save a little money. he weighed in at 12.3 pounds (down a pound from last year, but he had been on diet food for 9 months) and she said he looked more like 5 years old instead of 11!!!

we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon cleaning the house and trimming limbs off of a tree near the deck. i even cleaned the french doors to the deck inside and out. 'M' came over for dinner and the husband's parents stopped by too so we had a big time on the deck with food and wine until 9pm. we had chicken lime burgers from trader joe's (very very good), roasted corn on the cob and roasted sweet potato chunks.

yesterday i slept in and did all the laundry and ironing. i also started making some throw pillows for 'M' and made margarita cupcakes with lime buttercream that i found on a blog...

the cast of characters

final result...

the husband thought they were outstanding...i think the lemonade ones from last week were way better.

i also made lunches for the week and sauteed up some chicken to use for our dinners...we started last nite with a frozen margherita pizza from trader joe's that i added some chicken and fresh basil to. more on the chicken and what i do with it all week later...

happy monday, ugghhh!


ps: it's hot here this in unbearable! so stay cool!


rpm said...

I see the crickets brought Charlie out of hiding! Lisa sent me some Vermont maple syrup last very good. Your cupcakes looks great. I bet they do taste good. I could just take a couple of spoonfuls of the icing right now. I love marghrita pizza.

AM said...

Jason loves real maple syrup, that's sweet of them to bring you back some!

Will you try to make the maragarita cupcakes again? Do you think it could be perfected so they would be really good? They sure do look cute. And I love the idea.

Pam said...

Margherita pizza is probably my favoite pizza of all. The cupcakes look great. I have the lemon recipe bookmarked and hope to make those soon.

Lola's *mom* said...

Ugh, I hate crickets! I guess owning a lizard as a pet is out of the question for me!

Those cupcakes are so cute!