Thursday, July 5, 2007

this and that

not much going on today...tuesday i got off work early (yippee) and went home and took a nap then we went to bj's for gas and a few supplies, ate at moe's and then shopped at the mall. i needed a new watch battery and hit the clearance sale at j.jill...if you like their clothes and there is a store near you they are having a great sale. a lot of things are $19.99 or less! i also got a great black eyelet skirt at ann taylor loft that was originally $59 for $14!!!

yesterday morning we finished sealing the last 4 sections of deck railing, i made a ribbon belt (tutorial on tuesday) and brownies and then we went to a cookout at my parent's friend's house. they have a great house in the woods that backs up to a small lake. the weather here was nice - warm but not really humid so we sat on their huge deck and drank wine and played with their 3 little miniature fox terriors. i wish i had taken my camera! they grilled hamburgers and bratwurst (?) and everyone else had brought side dishes and desserts. my dad made homemade vanilla ice cream, yum!

as promised, here is a picture of the bracelet i made in a class last saturday at the bead store:

i'm so ready for the weekend...yesterday was a big tease...



Magnolia Sun said...

I love the bracelet, what is the actually bracelet made of?

Sounds like you enjoyed your day off.

Pam said...

I really like your bracelet! Did you do the wiring on the dangling beads or did they come that way? What type of bead is connecting them? Also, what is bj's? I haven't heard of them before. Is it like Sam's Club? Am I asking too many questions? ha.

Lola's *mom* said...

Don't you love a good sale? There's something exciting about getting a deal, isn't there?

I think you've inspired me to call around to my local craft stores and see what kind of classes they have. That bracelet is so cute.

AM said...

I realized last night at 8 pm, " Hey! its Wednesday! I have to go back to work tommorow!" At least I realized it last night and not too late!

YOur 4th of July sounds really nice. Not like mine, where I was woken up at 11pm by my neighbors directly across the narrow street shooting fireworks until midnight. LOUD fireworks. Near power lines. I wanted to call the cops, but I figured that they would realize how loud they were being and stop before the cops had time to get there an dI would feel silly. But no.

rpm said...

Your bracelet is very pretty. I like the color. We just got a Moe's out here a few miles down the road. I will have to try it out. Do you like Moe's food?