Friday, July 13, 2007

my super exciting weekend plans or how many links can i put in a post?

woo hoo it's friday! it was very difficult to work 5 days straight on the heel's of last week's mid-week break. so when's the next holiday?

tonite we have our spca volunteering at petsmart and we have a full house of 8 cats! i think i saw that there were 2 'pairs' there...meaning they came in together (generally owner surrenders) and the spca will only adopt them out together. i think it's great that the spca is adamant about this as it would be heartbreaking to split up cats that had been together for a long time.

after petsmart we will stop by home to check on the kids and drop off our stuff and then we are going with 'M' to a new to us restaurant at 'the factory' in wake forest (a small town very close by)...'the factory' use to be, well, a factory (shocking, no?) but it's been converted to shops, restaurants, etc...we've never been yet it's been open for quite awhile. the husband wants to eat at armadillo grill which serves texmex food. next up is the art after hours events in downtown wake forest particularly the cotton company where they have a featured artist (watercolor artist this month) wine!!!

since we are skipping our weekly grocery trip tonite we are heading there brite and early saturday morning then 'M' and i and the husband are going to the crafter's flea market in the parking lot of the bead store where i take classes. we've never been to one before so we have no idea what to expect but it looks neat! afterwards i need to replace some dying (ok, dead) flowers so i want to go to logan's trading post which is just down the street from the bead store to see if there are any annuals left. we will also probably stroll around the recently rehabbed seaboard station area around logan's to check out the shops and grab something to eat.

sunday i have no plans but will definitely have to clean the house, do laundry, cook for the upcoming week AND i want to finish a couple of projects. i've had 2 netflix movies for about a million years so it would be nice to watch them too....

have great weekends everyone!



Punchbugpug said...

Your right..lots of links! LOL Have a great weekend...looks like it's going to be full!

Mrs. D said...

Wow, you're town has lots to do. Sounds like a fun weekend.

rpm said...

How I wish I lived up there in the summer and could do all that fun stuff. I want to go to the craft fair and out to eat with y'all. Have fun and take pictures.

AM said...

I cant wait to see what finds you see at the Flea market! YOu're so creative you might find something to bring home and totally refurnish.

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

Oh a Craft fair! I love those!