Thursday, July 19, 2007

inquiring minds wanted to know...

ok, i admit it...i've been crazy slack about answering questions here goes (i went back and looked for any and all questions since my last answering post...if i missed something or if you have a particular question, just ask!)

a looooooooong time ago rpm asked what type of batteries my new camera uses - well i know it came with a rechargeable weird looking battery thing, and i know you can order an extra one that recharges faster than that one, but i have no idea if you can put regular batteries in it...i need to check that out as that would be good to know!

rpm also asked if i liked the food at moe's - um, YEAH we love love love moe's...especially naked burritos.

pam asked if 'M's cat ming was talkative - i wouldn't say he is extremely talkative like i guess most siamese cats are, but he does talk some especially if he wants food. he is very sweet and loving though!

magnolia sun and pam had some questions about the bracelet i made at the bead store class - it is basically made from some chain type stuff that is sold by the inch, there is no 'bead' connecting the wired on beads pam, it looks like it though! it's just part of the chain stuff...i added a jump ring to one end and a jump ring and clasp to the other...and yes, i wired on EVERY single one of the red took 2's a very simple design and i'm confident all of y'all could make one, it's just time consuming.

AM asked if i'd make the margarita cupcakes again since i didn't care for them - as a matter of fact, i made a batch last nite for a co-worker! she 'ordered' them for her bunco group tonite...i haven't made anything for pay for nearly a year now so that was sort of fun...i do want to try to revamp the recipe so they are more to my taste but next i have to attempt vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting as i have an order for some for a bridal shower in september.

AM also asked if i would still talk to y'all once big famous stars start buying my belts online - of course i will!

rpm asked how hard is it to sew in a straight line (as in the ribbon belt) - it's not too hard because there are marks on the sewing machine to help you guide your material...the marks are set at normal seam allowances such as 1/4", 1/2", 5/8".

lola's *mom* (now mrs. d) asked where i got the idea to make the ribbon belt - i have seen/purchased some at craft shows and what not over the past year...then i noticed a lot of the ribbon in the belts i had bought was sold at the fabric store i i decided i could make them instead of buying them...however, y'all can feel free to buy one from me!

AM asked where exactly the husband gets all of these cigar boxes - a guy he works with knows a guy who owns a cigar the co-worker brings them to the office and my husband brings some to me...'M' works there and she gets lady takes them to her church and the kids paint them (the horror!)...another lady is saving them to use as boxes for gifts, i like this idea a lot.

after our trip last week to the factory rpm commented on the bakery there - yes, that was one of the better stores there BUT it was closed already...seems good bakeries sell out and close early...i looked at their menu and pictures of their cakes...good stuff!

sarah g commented on trader joe's - i LOVE LOVE LOVE trader joe's! i don't know how i lived without one...does your mom go shopping there when she visits you, sarah? we like to go once a month and just stock up...if it were closer i'd go pretty much every week.

AM also commented on trader joe's opening near her soon - you definitely need to go! trust me you will like it and i think the other readers will back me up on saying that it's very reasonably to downright cheap. good wine for $2.99!!!! how can you beat that? they also have a lot of organic products.

AM also liked the idea of cooking chicken for her husband since she is a vegetarian - yes, making a batch of chicken and then adding it to his meals would be an easy way for him to have meat...i think everything i made with that batch of chicken would have been just as good without it so you could add chicken to his portion and leave yours vegetarian!

that's all for questions this week! i have a special question from mrs. d to answer next week...keep the questions coming...



AM said...

We love Moe's too, but havent been there in awhile. I always get a Soft Ugly Naked Guy. Teehee.

I love hearing the answers!

And by the way, you left out some stuff from your house tours! Backyard! Front of house! Laundry!

Pam said...

Thanks for answers the questions. That bracelt was a really nice look and I really like the chain type bead. I would have chosen the red beads too!
Ming is so handsome! Thanks for posting the pics of him awhile back.
I need to make it to Moe's. We have a couple here but we have never been.

rpm said...

I better get on over to Moe's and try it! I enjoy reading your answers. I was in Michael's today and looked at the beading much to see. And all the M.S. craft collection was so pretty but my goodness...the prices were HIGH. They did have some items on clearance from her collection.