Thursday, July 5, 2007

big brother 8

first thought - julie chen needs to eat a cheeseburger! she's SO skinny!!

second thought - no one stands out this early...lots of them got on my nerves, maybe because they are so very young ! where's chicken george??? we need some older players.

third thought - i immediately thought the house looked like 'alice in wonderland'. wonder if that will come into play this season?

what did y'all think?



Pam said...

I miss Will! I know he was rotten on Season 2 AND last season but I just LOVE him.
Oh, wait a minute we are talking about this season. Yeah, no one really stands out yet. It's going to be interesting to watch this father/daughter relationship.

rpm said...

I think the father/daughter situation will be interesting too. I hope it's an interesting season. I love seeing what the food situation is going to be like.

AM said...

I missed the first 17 minutes, and then like 10 minutes near the end before and during the competition. SO I already feel a little out of the loop. I agree, I miss Chicken George and the other all-stars. :( I think I will root for the America's Player guy for now.

AM said...

And Pam! I miss Will too! He's my fav... I wonder what he's up to now?