Thursday, July 19, 2007

BB8 ~ episode 6

hands down this has been the best episode so far (although tonite may rival it)!!! my observations:
  • amber cries WAY too much
  • jen is either totally nuts or a plant by the producers (there is a rumor she and dick or actors and know each other)
  • the unitard must go...wait til you see what she does with it...
  • our 'player' eric isn't doing his job very well

be sure to watch tonite...i am leaning towards joe leaving but with this group who knows! from the spoiler sites, tonite is sure to be another fun-filled episode...alliances are crumbling right and left...drama, people....drama....



Pam said...

I cannot wait to see what's going to go down tonight. I'm leaning on Joe leaving as well. It's getting good!!

Sarah G. said...

I really think it will be Joe. That's interesting about Jen and Dick. I seriously think she is a whack job!!

What spoiler sites do you go to??

Magnolia Sun said...

It was a pretty good epidsode tonight Jen really needs to go but I know Dick is going to be Kail (?)