Monday, July 16, 2007

bb8 ~ episode 5

could jen be any more annoying? i think not. this whole episode (what i watched of it anyways...i'm losing interest quickly...i skipped the whole food challenge...but heard later that jen was SO bad as the 'host' they had to shoot the scenes multiple times) drove home the point that jen is clueless and self-centered and the words 'i,me, my and like' comprise 87% of her vocabulary. proof positive that she is neither a 'jenious' nor a member of 'jensa' is the fact that she was dumb enough to nominate both evil dick and, obviously they are BOTH not going home...therefore, ms. jenerous, there is gonna be a huge target on your back next week...god help you if one of them gets hoh!

i restrained myself all weekend and didn't check out any spoiler sites so i was sort of surprised with her nominating daniele...i had no doubt she'd nominate dick...but i succumbed to curiosity today and read i know who gets me, it's gonna be good! watch out, jen...

oh, and for any dr. will fans...he will be on 'dr. 90210' this summer.



AM said...

It's 3pm and I am just now getting around to blogging. AHHH! It's a busy time at work. One of those free food

I love Dr. Will. Sadly, no cable though. Oh well. I missed BB last night because I forgot it was on. That's how dedicated I am!

Pam said...

Dr. Will? Did you say Dr. Will? I've never watched any of that show but perhaps I will have to check that out.

I cannot stand Jen! I can't believe all the dramea she created over the pictures in her HOH room. So shallow. She thinks that if she gets Danielle out of the house all the attention from the guys will be focused on her. She has no clue. Can't wait to see who won POV.

Magnolia Sun said...

I see we are in agreement over Jen - she can't be real. I saw the Dick nomination coming too especially since he told her like it was right before nominations. I'll have to check out Dr Will - he was so funny last year.

Sarah G. said...

Ring ring...did you say Dr. Will from Chill Town will be on Dr. 90210?? hee hee :-) The hubby and I miss chill town and their funny antics in the confession room. This season definitely needs someone like them.

It is kind of driving me crazy!! I am SOOOOO proud of Evil Dick for telling her off though. And, not only did her tell her off, he did it before nominations!! Go EVIL!! Someone needs to give her the boot!!!

rpm said...

Oh my stars...Dr. Will on Dr. 90210...I have always thought that anyone that saw him on BB would never let him touch them in real life! I think Jen put Daniele up because she is jealous of her...she is better looking than Jen. And it seems to be all about looks with Jen. I am losing interest in it, too. I hope it gets better or I might quit watching until it gets closer to the end.