Monday, July 9, 2007

BB8 - episode 2

i can sum up my feelings for last nite's episode of big brother in 6 words:

"jessica, jen, joe..y'all gotta go"

those 3 get on my last nerve...what was up with all of jen's crying about her picture on the wall??? and in true to me form i've already scoured the spoiler sites and i know who gets p.o.v.

so those are my top 3 picks to vote out of the house as soon as possible...unfortunately none of them are on the chopping block this far...



rpm said...

I agree about Joe and Jen. Jen's crying had to an act. Do real people act like that about a picture? Can you imagine being an employer and her wanting to be hired for your company and then you see that? No way!

Magnolia Sun said...

I so agree about Jen crying, at first I thought she was just acting but she really needs to get a grip. Joe needs to be gone yesterday.

Pam said...

I just finished watching this, having TiVoed it. Jen was ridiculous and Joe just needs to grow up. I'm thinking Carol will be the one who gets the boot but there is always that golden power of veto. That is if they are still doing that this year.

girlville said...

rpm, i have often wondered if it's all just acting and us, the viewers, are being duped.

pam, yes there is golden power of veto or whatever it's called this year...i read spoilers as to who got it and if they used it or not. so for me there are no surprises tomorrow nite ;-)

AM said...

I missed it. :( All I got was the two gay men hanging out in the hammock arguing about the STD. lol.

Oh well.