Monday, June 18, 2007

weekend update

here's a rundown of the weekend, bullet style:

friday ~
  • went to 'M's house and grilled hamburgers & corn...also had sweet potato fries, yum!

saturday ~

  • went to the fabric store brite and early and got all sorts of supplies to make 'stuff'.
  • cleaned out my closet for 30 minutes, it was all i could's getting better organized...tonite will be another 30 minute cleaning.
  • worked on secret projects...
  • made a belt (military style to go with my camo shorts and capris) and a fabric flower pin...

  • took apart our old shower curtain (one side was terry cloth, the other waffle weave fabric)...made 6 dish towels out of the waffle weave side and embellished them with rick rack trim...have enough fabric still to make about 3 bar towels for future 'mantown' bar...have project planned for terry cloth...

  • made another potato/rosemary/sage recipe is getting closer to perfection...i need more pizza dough from trader joe's...
  • the husband's parents and a nephew came over during dinner...nephew played with tyler and wanted to take sophie home with him...
  • after watching the nifong trail on tv all day i decided to have quiet time while reading my book...

sunday ~

  • got up crazy early (6am) and made 3 mini loaves of blueberry banana bread and finished all secret projects (will be revealed next week).
  • had coffee and read the paper.
  • put a bow on my dad's father's day present.
  • went to brunch with my parents and some friends.
  • stopped by the husband's sister's house to consult with her on some curtains for the nephew's 'big boy room'.
  • took a nap
  • finished reading a book!!
  • watched catch and release...i liked it...give it 3 out of 5 stars.
  • had a bowl of cereal for dinner and cooked some pasta for lunches
  • gave tyler some cat treats which he immediately barfed up...six times!!!...watched him very closely the rest of the nite...threw treats in trash...
  • watched 'the next food network star' (thank goodness colombe is gone!!)
  • started reading a new book.

what i didn't do this weekend ~

  • clean the house
  • iron any clothes

this week it's going to be too hot to do anything but lounge around near a fan and read...

happy week!



AM said...

Wow, sounds like a great weekend. I impressed by what you did with your old shower curtain! Great idea.

You must be a morning person. I cant imagine volunteering to get up that early on a weekend if I didnt have to! Although blueberry banana bread IS a good cause...

rpm said...

Sounds like a great weekend up there. I had the Nifong trial on last week on CourtTV while I was sitting here working. I had the sound off most of the time but would tune in at certain times. I guess he got what he deserved. Too bad he abused his power. My parents have been out picking blue berries...I need to get cooking with them. Can't wait to see your secret projects!

the husband said...

rpm - I streamed the entire trial here at work then watched a replay of it at night on our local TV station0 I've closely followed the scandal from the start and trust me, he's yet to get what he deserves. He should (and likely will be) buried under the jail and every penny he has taken to repay those families he wronged. For anyone interested, the "Durham in Wonderland" blog has been AWESOME in following this case.

am - K a morning person?!?! You've got a better chance of taking a trip to the moon before that statement becomes truth. ;-)

Lola's *mom* said...

I just love sweet potato fries!
And, you certainly are the crafty one. Love the shower curtain idea. Very clever. I also like the flower - did you follow a pattern for that?

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow, I can't believe you made a belt and the towels out of your shower curtain you are so crafy and inventive. I really need to start being more productive!