Tuesday, July 3, 2007

tutorial tuesday ~ closet organizing

today i am introducing a new 'theme' day...tutorial tuesdays...each tuesday will be a learning experience of sorts be it how to make something, cook something, etc.

a couple of wednesdays ago when y'all toured the master closets i offered to list some of my closet organizing tips...so here goes, in no particular order things i've learned over the years (i worked retail for 10 years):

* i think it helps visually to use only one color of hangers...and not to sound all mommie dearest but 'no wire hangers'! wire hangers are really bad for the structure of your clothing. i have all black hangers but they are 2 different styles...since they are all black, it's still visually calming...i think the clothes really stand out and you can see what you've got hanging in your closet since your eye is drawn to the clothes not to the randomness of 10 different colors of hangers...also note something in the picture below that i need to work on...usually i like to group items by color...it's easier to look thru 3 white shirts hanging together to find the one you want than to have to flip thru the entire row looking for that one particular one. that being said i also group according to style: all long pants together, all capris together, all skirts together, all t-shirts together, etc...that's the single most important issue in closet organizing...group like with like!

*don't be afraid to use creative means of storage...here i have all of my beach supplies in a straw beach bag, a purse in a brown cardboard box (it actually came in it), and winter socks in a hat box...hat boxes are great storage containers...if you need to label the box to remember what's in it, that's great! i have a label maker and i love it...also in the picture below note how some hangers are 'backwards'...that's my clue that the garment has already been worn once...so when i wear it the second time i know to toss it in the laundry...this also helps when i change seasons (i have the luxury of 2 closets) to remember to wash everything that's been worn before storing it away...stains have a way of setting in and or appearing over a storage season!

*for years i kept my shoes in their original boxes to keep them dust free...that's all fine and good but i changed to matching clear shoe boxes that are labeled (i told you i loved our label maker) and i think it's visually more appealing and makes looking for shoes easier since you can see what's in the box. i ordered these from the container store but you can probably find something similar from walmart or target.

*below is more creative storage...i have lots of pins (that i rarely wear) so i took 2 pieces of ribbon and attached them to a d-ring and hung them on the closet wall...the pins are just pinned onto the ribbon...they are easy to see and function as 'art' too.

*some items lend themselves to folding...sweaters (top shelf) can get very stretched out if they are on a hanger for too long...in the summer i also fold shorts and casual capris to free up rod space.

*no matter the size of your closet get creative and paint it, add art work, whatever makes you happy...if there is space a mirror is nice to have...

* since i have hardwood floor in the closet, i added a throw rug...
to summarize:

  • group like items together, one more step is to arrange by color
  • use all one color hangers
  • use creative storage containers
  • store shoes in clear shoe boxes
  • make your closet visually appealing be it with paint, art, whatever strikes your fancy!

and i didn't even go into the obvious...if you haven't worn it in a couple of years, get rid of it! someone else who is less fortunate would love to have whatever you are no longer wearing...donate to your local thrift store.

next week...a ribbon belt!



Sarah G. said...

Man...not only are you crafty, but you're organized too!! I'll trade you my mom to do your gardening, for you to come organize my closet. :-)

girlville said...

sarah, you've got a DEAL!!

Magnolia Sun said...

I actually organize my clothes too, but had never thought about the same color of hanger, excellent idea. I use one of the hanging things with shelves??? to put my tanks and in the winter my sweaters in. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is so organized. My friends are always teasing me about. Keep the ideas coming.

Pam said...

great ideas! I actually do some of the same things with the clothes. I was keeping my shoes in boxes too but it just became a headache and I got one of those shoe things with the cubby holes. I love it!
I love you idea for storing your pins. I have lots and right now they are crammed in a jewelry box. Guess what, I can't ever find anything in it...I'm going to definitely incorporate that idea.

AM said...

I agree with the same color/style hanger. Jason thought it was wasteful to throw out old wire or other type hangers, but now that he is out of town? Look out! I need to group like with like tonight. Right now it is a crazy freeforall with suits next to pants and skirts next to sweaters. It's crazy.

rpm said...

I am excited about your tutorial Tuesdays! I love the see-through shoe boxes. This is very inspiring!

Lola's *mom* said...

I like your ideas and I'm proud to say I already use some of them! I always group like items together and it is so much easier to find what I'm looking for. But, I've never thought about turning the hanger the opposite direction if I've already worn something once. Thanks for the tip!

And, thanks so much for wishing me a happy birthday. That was really nice of you. I'm glad you're birthday week went well and it sounds like you did some really fun things.

Kbean said...

Wow, what wonderful advice!