Tuesday, June 19, 2007

reading, reading, reading

non readers, avert your eyes...this post will be of no interest to you...sorry....

i've finished FOUR books that i never reviewed...i like to review a bunch all at once so, in reverse order of how i read them, here goes:

astrid & veronika ~ i had heard about this book on a couple of blogs i read (don't remember which ones) and a couple of visits ago to bj's i saw it and grabbed it up...the cover alone is a work of art. swedish novelist linda olsson's debut novel shines far above most of the books i've read this year. it's true literature...nothing chic lit about it. olsson is a native of stockholm, sweden and now lives in new zealand and both countries play a part in the novel. the book revolves around veronika, a young novelist, who takes residence in a rural town to work on her second book...her closest neighbor is astrid, an octagenerian thought to be the town witch...the 2 become friends and spend the year that veronika lives in the town revealing their pasts and many secrets to each other while their friendship deepens. it's a lovely, lovely book. i highly suggest it to anyone who appreciates a good novel.

something borrowed ~ the husband actually picked this one up at bj's and said 'this looks like a book you would read' so i took it home. emily giffin's debut novel is a step above 'fluffy' chic lit. on the eve of her 30th birthday, rachel finds herself sleeping with her best friend's (darcy) fiance. she soon realizes that she really is in love with dex and that darcy is very selfish and spoiled. the story revolves around rachel and darcy's longtime friendship and the dilemma rachel finds herself in with dex...i don't want to give anything away so i won't say anymore...ms. giffin wrote a sequel, something blue and baby proof...but y'all already know my sad tale about those books...if you like chic lit, you will like reading this.

susannah's garden ~ i also got this debbie macomber book at bj's in the mass market paperback size...i purchased it solely because i knew that some of the characters in this book were in her latest hardback back on blossom st. which is the third book in a series about a yarn shop in seattle, wa. the other books are: the shop on blossom street and a good yarn. in general i like debbie macomber's books. however, this was probably my least favorite so far. it is about 50 year old susannah nelson whose father has recently passed away. she leaves her home in seattle to go to colville, washington and check on her mother who seems to be suffering from dementia (that story line was good and ms. macomber has obviously studied the subject or had experience with it). susannah digs into her past revealing shocking details about the disappearance of her boyfriend, jake; the sudden death of her brother, doug; and her 30 year resentment towards her father. the book is ok and i don't think i necessarily needed to read it before delving into back on blossom st. but oh well...it's another notch in my booklist for 2007.

the friday night knitting club ~ obviously i got this book solely due to the title! kate jacob's first novel takes place in manhattan at a small yarn store owned by single mother, georgia walker. when her daughter dakota's father reappears on the scene hoping for a second chance georgia finds her life in upheaval. there are several other characters in the 'club' each with her own drama. the book has a slow beginning and middle however the speed picks up near the end when an unexpected tragedy befalls the group. it took me awhile to finish this book...i started it way back when we were at the beach in april! i don't think that's necessarily due to the book but me being a procrastinator. once the story line picked up i sped thru it. it's a good book and not just for knitters.

more book reviews to come...happy reading!



Pam said...

YAY!! book reviews. I was hoping that we'd get to hear about what you were reading. I've seen the books to the "something borrowed" series but haven't picked them up. Glad to hear that the first one was good. I hope you are able to track down the others.

Magnolia Sun said...

You are so good with your reviews. I agree with the Debbie Macomber book, I like her others books better too. I think I'll look for the Friday Night Knitting Club, sounds interesting.

rpm said...

Thanks for sharing those reviews. I have read one Debbie MaComber book so far and I haven't bought another one yet. I probably will but I have a stack of books I bought recently and no MaCombers in it.