Wednesday, June 20, 2007

inquiring minds wanted to know ~ sort of

HaPpY SUMMER, everyone!

there weren't very many questions to answer this week...but here are a few:

lola's *mom* asked if i followed a pattern for the flower pin that i made over the weekend. well, yes i did...i got it off of the wise craft blog and here is the link to the pattern...when i get some more pin backs and fabric i'm going to make a slew of them...they are fun and super EASY.

magnolia sun was impressed that i made a belt...well, let me just say that making a military style belt is absurdly is a website that shows how(only read steps 3& 4, i used webbing only, not webbing and ribbon) (and they sell all the supplies there too)...i got my buckle at michaels and the 'webbing' at my local fabric store.

am commented on the pictures in my closet...actually i saw them on a website and printed them off on the color printer at work (sshhh) on 8 1/2 x 11 super white paper and got clip frames from an art supply store for crazy cheap. total cost was maybe $, the moral of this tale is art CAN be cheap you just have to be creative.

rpm commented on when we sell the house the closet will be a good 'selling' point...well, IF and when we ever do leave this house it will look vastly different before it even hits the market cause i will strip a lot of things off that i do not wish to sell such as the chandelier in the closet!!! i figure it's best people never even see in point, when we first saw our house the previous owners had a really cool mantle over the fireplace that had gargoyle (i think?) our offer i stipulated that i wanted that mantle to stay and the lady said 'no dice'...i would have preferred to have never even seen it...i looked for those brackets for a couple of years and then just designed my own mantle and the husband built it for me...and i love it so it's all good...but i'm taking it with me.

lola's *mom* also commented on the ceilings in our closets being painted red like the walls...that was my decision and i think i made a good one. red is such a high contrast color with the white ceilings and the husband said he didn't want to put crown molding up in the closets (my first choice) so i thought 'why not paint the ceilings red too?'...i'm very happy with it and think the ceilings make the closets seem cozier...try it for yourself!

and a bunch of you thought our closets were huge...well they aren't that big to me, not like in houses being built today...but i measured them:

mine is 55" wide by 73" deep BUT the actually 'walking' space (meaning wall to clothes) is 38" x 73"

the husband's is 49" wide by 90" deep...actual walking space is 32" by 90"

ok, that concludes the question and answer session...i thought y'all might like to see some before and after pictures of our closets and the chest of drawers in mine???

here is my closet before...well, i had already put up the chandelier cause i was about to pee my pants to put it up as soon as i got it home...also, obviously the chest of drawers was finished at this point and i was just 'trying it on for size' to see if it would even work in there...

this is the husband's closet before...notice the lovely light fixture...i had the matching one in my closet...
here is the dresser before...sort of...i had already sanded the top...wasn't it beautiful??

and much like an archaeological dig when i started sanding it i unearthed even more fantastic colors!

here is is in it's final state...i could not be happier with this piece...i lined the drawers with black and white toile wallpaper that i got from lowes...

that's all for today...would y'all be interested in my closet organizing tips? if so let me know and i'll share them!

today kicks off my official 'birthday week'...why celebrate for one day when you can have a whole week? for tonite's festivities i'm going to a local bead store and taking a class...details tomorrow!



AM said...

What a difference the red paint makes. It changes EVERYTHING. Wow. I went home last night and took a long look at our closet and tried to come up with some ideas.

I also thought a lot about an old dresser of Jason's that we have in the bedroom that I dont care for. It has handles on it that were very similiar to the Before handles on your closet dresser. I was lamenting that I couldnt do the glass nob thing because there were two holes for each handle. BUT! THen today I noticed you had special glass nobs that filled in the space an holes! WOW! PLEASE let me know where to find those kind. And also, why is it important to sand it all the way down before painting? Why not just prime and paint over it?

Lola's *mom* said...

I agree with am, the red paint is great for the closet. And, thanks for sharing the link for the flower pin. I see craftiness in the near future.

I would love for you to share organizing tips. Great idea that I'm sure we all can use.

rpm said...

I agree with AM and Lola's mom, the paint is great for the closet! the whole thing is just amazing. I am so glad you gave the measurements because I wanted to ask you that...I am going to measure mine and see if it's about that size. PLEASE DO give us your organizing tips! I noticed those pictures in your closet are from the DAILY CANDY web site!!!! You just think of the most amazing ideas to decorate with.

Pam said...

Have a great time at your bead class. I took one several years ago and loved it. I need to dig out all my stuff out and start creating again. Be sure to tell us all about it!
Oh..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So what day is your "actual" birthday?