Thursday, June 21, 2007

the birthday fairy came early!

when i got home late last nite from the bead store class i found this waiting for me:

the husband couldn't wait until my birthday (the 27th) to give it to me! he's the bomb! and this was a great way to kick off my 'birthday week'. now i gotta figure out how to use it...i may need to take a photography course or buy a book.

on the other hand, the class didn't go so was a 'button ring' making class and i pretty much sucked at was HARD! working with the wire felt all awkward and my rings turned out wonky. i had to cut 2 apart and re-do them! here's the results of my 2 hour class..i don't know if i'm going to add ring making to my repertoire:

keep in mind i staged them for this photo...objects in picture may look worse in real life!!

does this mean tyler didn't think i should wear my camo shorts to the store???

there will be multiple posts today and posting this weekend so stay tuned.......



Pam said...

NICE camera!!! Your birthday is the same day as my nephew, although we are celebrating this weekend. =)
I really like those rings. Great idea too..I have a tin of old buttons that I use to "play" with at my grandmother's house when I'd visit (I thought they were neat and I'd sting them on thread for fun). Anyway, I ended up with the tin and have been searching for fun ideas to do with the buttons.

AM said...

Wow! I dont know anything about that camera, so I am excited to see your pictures and hear what you think! Looks NICE! MUltiple posts? VEry intrigued.

rpm said...

OH my goodness...what a nice camera. 15x zoom!!! I can't wait to see the pictures you take with it. I guess taking photograph classes might be in the future??

The rings look very nice. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with them. I think it would be nice if you make rings with the glass beads! do they make them like that with the glass beads?

I have a feeling that Tyler will sit on whatever soft object is available.