Friday, June 29, 2007

birthday dinner

we went out for my birthday dinner last nite to a kind of new italian restaurant called vivace. the reason we didn't go out on wednesday (my 'for real' birthday) was because the deck needed to be sealed since the husband power washed it on saturday and the forecast called for rain today...the original plan was dinner on wednesday nite, seal deck on thursday nite...but the deck needed to dry 24 hours with no's more than likely going to rain do the math! so revised plan was seal the deck on wednesday, eat on thursday, deck could dry 24 hours since rain thursday wasn't very likely.

i didn't take pictures of our meal cause i figured people would think i was nuts. here's what we had...just imagine that it looked good!

drinks: me, some sort of limoncello infused punch type of adult beverage served in a martini glass - it was all sorts of tasty
the husband, a duck-rabbit ale

appetizers: we skipped out so we could have dessert

entrees: me, rigatoni with bolognese sauce and a garnish of goat cheese cream sauce
the husband, four-cheese ravioli with wilted spinach and a red sauce

dessert: me, the gelato of the day which was chocolate chip
the husband, tiramisu with carmel sauce

i also got a cup of decaf in italian restaurants is usually very good.

it was a great meal...we really liked the restaurant and will definitely go back again.

more birthday antics planned for this weekend...



Magnolia Sun said...

Sounds like a nice time, the food sounded really good. I love Italian food too.

AM said...

I love how long you draw your birthday out! That resturant sounds great! WE wouldnt think you were crazy if you took food pictures, but unless you have a smaller camera, I would be worried too about what others would think/say. Sandy is so brave to take pictures! One day, I want a little camera so I can do that too.

Sarah G. said...

Your dinner sounds great! Italian is my FAVORITE!! Again...Happy B-day! I've always wanted to try limoncello. I think I first heard about it on Everyday Italian. I just checked out the website and all the food sounds so good. I do wish restaurants would put pictures on their website. I am very visual and I need pictures!!

rpm said...

Your birthday meals sounds YUMMY. A goat cheese cream sauce sound so good to me right now. I would not take pictures in a restaurant if it's too fancy or too crowded. I hope you have a great weekend and can't wait to see what you all are doing.

rpm said...

I just looked at the link to the restaurant you went to....WONDERFUL! I wish we had a place like that here.

Kbean said...

Sounds yum! Me and my parents went out to Olive Garden today. Yummy!