Monday, June 25, 2007

and the beat goes on...

...this doesn't seem like a very fun birthday eve eve nite does it:
  • pick up car from shop
  • stop by grocery to get final supplies for birthday treats for coworkers*
  • dust/mop behind washer while the husband fixes washer**...pray washer works when it's hooked back up

i do have some fun events planned for the rest of my birthday week including (in no particular order): a bracelet making class, a spa facial, a movie, a trip to trader joe's (yep, that's FUN in my book), dinner for two at a nice italian restaurant...oh, and help the husband seal the freshly power washed deck.

in addition to ironing for umpteen hours yesterday after the purse making & laundry issue i also watched a crappy movie. if you haven't already seen it i highly suggest skipping 'because i said so'. it was a complete waste of 104 minutes of my life...but, much like a train wreck i just couldn't stop watching...i kept thinking it would get better, in fact thought it could only get better...but no, it just got worse and worse...anyone in that movie should be ashamed (yes, lorelai gilmore - you too and you especially, diane keaton) was just simply put - awful.

happy monday!


*at my office, you have to bring treats for everyone on your birthday...ridiculous rule, i didn't make it up

**just got word that replacement part was only $16


rpm said...

I can't wait to see what you bring for your birthday! I don't think I like that rule, but I guess in a sense there will be something there in case no one else remembers??? I always like when it was someone's birthday because we'd have cake...yummy. Your plans sound fun.

Pam said...

I don't think I like the "bring your own goodies" rule either.