Monday, May 21, 2007

weekend update - musical/festival edition

phew! we had a busy weekend here's some of the proof (also, all pictures can be clicked on to enlarge - i made them small...just cause...)
tickets/playbill (the free one, that is)/festival map

just for AM, a pic of me and the husband in our yard before we went to see the play...we always take our picture in front of this crape myrtle

Venue for Grease - this use to be called 'memorial auditorium' but now everything has a corporate i'm not sure exactly what it's will always be 'memorial auditorium' to me!

saturday we went back downtown to was set up on a couple of streets around one of the city squares (the one where i go on wednesdays to the farmer's market actually)

there is a lot of construction going on downtown. a 43(?) story tall building is going up where this tower crane is...the company i work for is going to build parking deck where the blank space of dirt is...

the square is in front of the old farmer's market (i mean really old)...the buildings are still standing and are now various shops and restaurants...i really like the cobblestone streets!

beer/soda respite

there was a wildlife rescue group there...this owl was SO tiny! i wanted it...

this guy is a local architect...he always makes sand sculptures at festivals in the turned out to be an elephant...or so i heard

raleigh is the 'city of oaks' so this copper acorn is our city sits in this particular square...but on new year's eve they take it to over in front of the 'memorial auditorium' and hoist it up on a midnite it drops like the ball in NYC...

here is my loot: glass bead earrings and 3 pictures

a close up of the earrings for rpm

then on sunday i went to a painting class at was for donna dewberry's one stroke painting...i had fun and have a lot to learn! i'm going to take a cabbage rose class and a palm tree class next month! here's my pitiful result below (and yes, i really think it's pitiful, but i will get better with practice)

i did lots more over the weekend but it was all boring stuff like housework...oh, and we spent a couple of hours in the hammock on saturday before going to 'M's house to make her padded headboard...more on that complete with a tutorial later...

happy monday!



rpm said...

I really enjoyed these's like a tour of your Saturday! Your old historic district looks a lot like ours. I love those earrings. I like the way the clear glass is encasing the green and blue. That is a great picture of you and your husband! It's nice to see y'all. I hope to see more of your paintings. My mama was just telling me she is going to do this same painting class sometime.

AM said...

Your neighborhood has such nice grass! I am so so envious. And YOU! look just like Lorelei Gilmore in that picture! ( I really hope you take that as a compliment because I mean it as one)

Wouldnt that owl have made a great playmate for your cats? ;)

Great finds at the artplosure. Im checking out that artist's website right now. (the cat paintings)

Lola's *mom* said...

Well I think your painting is completely cute!! I just love it!! Our Michaels doesn't offer this class.

Your town reminds me of our town...same kinds of events. It was nice to see your picture...I haven't gotten that brave yet! ; )

Magnolia Sun said...

I love your painting - you do something that's bad? I don't think so!

I love seeing pictures of your town and the owl is way too cute, I would have wanted it to. The earrings are beautiful.

You and your husband look so nice glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Pam said...

The art fair looks like so much fun. I love the pictures you picked up and what a lovely photo of you both!

I think you did a great job on your one stroke painting.

Pugalicious said...

You look like lauren Graham off Gilmore girls the one that plays Lorelai.. wow!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I Love your paintings! Love them!!!
you and your Husband are a great looking couple. Now I can put a face with your name!