Tuesday, May 29, 2007

wednesday house tour

today's house tour continues in the master bath...recently we repainted because the walls were beginning to mildew...a coat of new super duper kitchen and bath wall paint with mildew inhibitors from homedepot did the trick...i like the blue color, it's very spa-like and relaxing...also, we had an issue with the ceiling paint peeling and chipping off...so we put our heads together and decided to put bead board up...i LOVE the way it turned out...without further adieu...our tiny bathroom...

i'm not feeling so chatty today so you can just make up your own captions for the pictures! we have redone this bathroom twice now...this last time was just the paint and bead board ceiling...the first time around here's what we did:
  • stripped the crappy wallpaper off/repainted the room chocolate brown
  • repainted the vanity white - it was dark stain
  • got a new marble counter top with built in sink
  • new faucet/mirror/light fixture/toilet
  • new wood blinds
  • all new door/vanity hardware
  • installed a pocket door

next week, if i clean...maybe you can see our closets...i cannot make any promises on that though...



AM said...

ooh YOu installed a pocket door? Did yall do that yourselves? That is a neat idea. I wish I had one for our new bathroom..Hmm.

Your bathroom is very clean and pretty! I LOVE the beadboard on the cieling! Was that hard to do? Did you put that up after the crown molding was up?

Pam said...

Looks great! I love the blue and the ceiling...what a neat idea!

rpm said...

I love the color and the ceiling. I would have never thought of that! It all looks great. Your fixtures are so shiny! Makes me want to go and scrub my bathroom. My bathroom is smaller than yours!

Pugalicious said...

you must have a huge house to be doing a tour every week. I could do mine in one day but its way too sloppy at my house and messy. LOL Great job

Sarah said...

My mom clicked on your link to look at your page since I have you on my blog and she was 1) very impressed by your book list (she's a big reader too), and 2) she LOVES your bathroom. She wants to do her bathroom that way. Hee hee...just thought I'd share.