Wednesday, May 9, 2007

media madness

yes, i'm totally aware that today is wednesday and that i'm supposed to do wednesday house tour but my house is so flippin' messy right now there was no way i was letting y'all come in! also the weather has been too crappy to take good pictures...yeah, i like that excuse better.

so anyways...i read a lot of books lately that i haven't reviewed and there's all sorts of tv stuff going on what with the end of the season AND i watched a movie sunday afternoon when we got back from the here are my thoughts on things...

i watched the queen for which helen mirren won numerous awards for her portrayal of queen elizabeth II. it was a good movie - her performance was stunning and michael sheen was wonderful as prime minister tony blair. i'm curious as to the factualness (i made that word up) of the movie as i wouldn' t think the royal family would admit they actually did or said some of the things in the seems they really didn't care for diana one bit. good movie...i gave it 4 outta 5 stars on my netflix list.

on the tv front...the bachelor was great as usual monday nite. it was simply time for amber to go...she was the most immature of the group even though she didn't think so. i hope that tessa is the one andy picks...i have to constantly remind myself that abc edits this show to mess with our minds! they are being very selective in what they show in previews the past they showed the hands of the girl getting the final rose on byron's season and it was quite obvious that they were mary's hands...hmmm maybe abc isn't showing us any pictures cause we could figure it out too easy???

next tuesday is the final ever episode of gilmore girls. i have watched this show pretty steady for the entire run. i found out last week that talks for one more season fizzled. i'm sad. although i think the show has suffered with the exit of creator/writer amy sherman-palladino. she even had the last four words of the series written but since she is no longer with the show i will forever wonder how she would have ended tuesday will be a sad nite...

tonite lost is on...yippee...i have really liked not having any repeats...then just yesterday i get the news that the end of this series is in site and that it won't be back on the air until january 2008. what am i going to do until then??? i think these next 3 episodes are going to be amazing (as our bachelor andy would say) and i will be glued to my tv tonite...we are going to find out lots of things in the next 3 episodes including potentially who the heck 'jacob' is...

final media front: books...

before we left for the beach i finished 'good grief' by lolly winston. i got this book off of the clearance rack at barnes and noble awhile back. i knew it had been on my book list at one time. well, the whole time i was reading it i had this feeling that i'd read it before...i never could be certain that i had though! still it is a great book...winston's debut novel...about a young widow named sophie stanton and how she deals with the death of her husband, ethan. it mostly funny, sometimes poignant but definitely not a tear-jerker. i give it 4 outta 5 stars.

on the way to the beach i had to start the new paula deen memoir 'it ain't all about the cookin''. i went through this book lighting fast cause y'all it's just that good! she is brutally honest about her life to the point where a couple of times i had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. she is certainly a brave woman...a woman of substance she likes to call herself and she deserves everything she has cause she has definitely worked very hard for it...there are some cute family pictures in the book along with a recipe at the end of every chapter. run to the bookstores! i give it 5 outta 5 stars.

after tearing thru paula's book i started 'yarn harlot' by stephanie pearl-mcphee. pam suggested this book to me and i just loved it! i read it very quickly too. i think you have to be a knitter to understand it, but stephanie made me feel like my yarn stash is normal and my fifty million half started works in progress are completely normal. yes, this book makes me feel sane! see - all knitters are just like me! pam, i appreciate you recommending this book. it was great. i give it 5 outta 5 stars and have already loaned it to another knitter to read.

next up was the elusive 'land of mango sunsets ' which i had a hard time finding before our beach vacation...i'd been wanting this book since the day i found out it was going to be published! i have read all of dorothea benton frank's books and love them...however, her last novel - 'full of grace' - i wasn't too too keen on. i was hoping that she would be back in her low country groove with mango sunsets. this book did not disappoint either. the story went back and forth between new york city and sullivan's island, sc. the main character, miriam's husband has left her for a younger women and she has divided her brownstone into 3 apartments and leases one to a gay gentleman who does displays at a prominent department store and the remaining apt. needs to be leased out again...miriam has a fabulous parrot...a tree-hugging mom back in sc...and there's even a harrison ford....i'll let you read it for yourself to find out if he is the harrison ford or what...a good book from ms. frank, i enjoyed it and give it 4 outta 5 stars.

i think i chose excellent reading material for my 'spring break'...i'm still not finished with the last book i took 'friday night knitting club' and i'll let you know how it is as soon as i'm done.

this week has been a busy one what with coming home from vacation, trying to get all of my new clothes into my closet and having to hold down the fort at work as my co-worker is on vacation this week...i hope to 'be a better blogger' soon!



Pam said...

You know, in the back of my mind I keep wondering if Andy might actually chose Danielle??

Can't wait until tonight's LOST episode. Like you, it's gonna be a long wait until Jan 2008!

I'm SO glad you enjoyed the Yarn Harlot. It was just so laugh at loud and you're right, she makes me think my stash is some what normal. I see you read Paula Deen's book too. I devoured it last week on vacation as well. I just loved it. I felt like I was sitting there hearing her talk.

rpm said...

I really enjoyed those reviews. I am going to rent The Queen soon. I love all things English least reading about them so I think I'll enjoy the movie especially with the actress that plays the queen doing such a good job. I'm slow reading at the moment due to my work load. I'm reading Bitys Bait & BBQ. It's okay so far. I hope it gets better but it might just be I'm so tired when I go to bed that I don't feel like reading... I'm with you on the clean house thing...people can only come to my house the day the maid comes for a few days afterward before it gets too dirty again. What a way to live!

girlville said...

rpm, 'bity's bait & bbq' at least sounds like something i would want to read...let me know when you are done what you thought cause i'm soon out of good books to read.

AM said...

Sadly in all the moving craziness last week- we missed Lost. Normally no big deal, we could watch it on the internet at home. BUT NO HOME INTERNET. So, we decided to go ahead and watch last night's episode and the remaining ones and then we'll go back and watch that episode when we get out internet back.

I think you should have posted pics today of your house regardless of the mess... But, I'll forgive you.