Thursday, May 24, 2007

lost redux

last nite's season finale rocked! if you have not seen it yet...avert your eyes lest the whole shebang will be spoiled...

here's what we learned:
  • jack and kate get off the island, and they get a 'golden ticket' from oceanic airlines...does that make ben willie wonka?
  • someone dies and jack gets very one attends the guess is it was ben
  • kate is with someone and that person would not be happy that she was meeting jack in top guess: sawyer
  • jack's dad may not be dead
  • jack wants to go back to the island...hmmm....but kate doesn't
  • who was naomi? is ben telling the truth and she and her people are 'bad'?
  • walt sure did age a lot in the 90 something days it's been since the plane crashed
  • locke does NOT want anyone to leave the island...what does he know that no one else does?
  • patchy/mikail is the energizer bunny
  • charlie sacrificed himself for all the other losties
  • from now on most likely there will only be 'flash-forwards' like last nite
  • sawyer is a bada$$
  • juliet kissed jack!!!
  • juliet may not be all that bad after all...she's turned against ben for sure, i think she just wants to get off the island
  • hurley ran over someone with the van and saved the day!
  • danielle finally saw alex after 16some years...and then she tied ben up and dragged him to the radio tower where he was lashed to a tree
  • it seems ben's people are not following his orders anymore...they didn't shoot jin, sayid and bernard
  • ben has been lying to his people about the looking glass station
  • i could go on and you have anything to add?

i'm very excited for the next season although i feel satisfied after last nite's episode...i don't have any burning questions unlike the other season finales.



AM said...

I hated seeing Jack is such rough shape in the future. Heart breaking. I think it was Locke's funeral. I dont think anyone would be able to get Ben off the island (there again, maybe not Locke either).

And the whole thing about Jack referencing his dad still being alive was wierd.

Yeah, Walt's growing up! His voice is changing. Glad they brought him back, I miss him and Michael.

Pam said...

I'm thinking it was Locke too in the coffin.

I had a thought that perhaps that they really are stuck in time somehow and as they are on the island, they are able to make ammends or something. When they get back to reality once they are rescued, their past has changed. Perhaps that's why Jack kept referring to his dad and Kate didn't end up in jail? *shrug*