Thursday, May 17, 2007

lost confession

so i watched 'lost' last nite...but it wasn't very exciting for me because yesterday i couldn't stand it anymore and i headed over to a spoiler site and read pretty much word for word what was going to happen in last nite's episode AND next week's 2-hour blockbuster, super spectacular season yeah - the cat's out of the bag for me so to speak...there is nothing to hold me on the edge of my seat...i'm an idiot. i know who is going to die, who isn't going to die, locke's fate, charlie's fate, the huge 'game-changer', etc, etc, etc. WHY OH WHY did i do this?? i have no flippin' idea but GAH i wish i hadn't gone and read the spoilers!!!!

so all of you 'lost' fans, take it from me and to quote kristen from e! online:

"...until the big "game-changing" season finale next week, which will completely blow you away...which is all I'm gonna say, because what happens in the finale is one surprise I do not want to ruin. And hey, do yourself a favor and step away from the hardcore spoiler sites, okay? Trust me. This one is so much better if you are left unspoiled".

oh but there was one thing last nite that i didn't read in the spoilers nor pick up on...ok, i did figure that the girl charlie saved in the alley was someone we had seen before but i couldn't place her - i thought maybe she was the women sayid had tortured that had the cat...but wasn't sure, well here's what kristen from e! had to say:

"oh yeah, and the woman that Charlie rescued outside of Covent Garden? That's Sayid's beloved Nadia"

so at least i did get the sayid connection right...

that's all i'm going to say until we can talk about the finale...later peeps...



AM said...

Im glad you told me not to go over to the spoiler sites ( I never do anyway though)because it IS tempting. I cried a couple times last night because of Charlie. When they play that darn sad music when he was heading out in the rowboat, I just KNEW it was going to be his Time. Remember the last time he died? Season #1 I think. I was beside myself with anguish until he was brought back (from the hanging). I sure was shocked A FEW TIMES last night.

Pam said...

I've been avoiding the spoiler sites since the show returned back in February. In the past, several things were ruined for me so I decided to stay spoiler free.
Last night's episode wasn't that exciting BUT it still stirred up many more questions. I thought it was simply probably just a good set up show for next week.