Monday, April 2, 2007

weekend update aka what happened to the first quarter of the year???

i can hardly believe that the first quarter of the year is gone! where did it go...seems like just yesterday it was christmas. anyhoo on to the weekend update:

friday ~ left work early (woohoo) and started helping 'M' (see tyler's post from friday) move. we got 2 small truckloads done and her bedroom set up by nearly midnite! it was tiring but fun. we ordered chinese from a restaurant up from her new place and had a bottle of wine to celebrate her new digs.

saturday ~ the husband left early to go get the 'real' moving truck from u-haul while i went for a pampering session at a day spa. it was the BEST treatment i've had in a long time. after relaxing it was time to roll up the sleeves and help with the move-in-progress. when i got to 'M's old place they had everything loaded on the truck so we headed back to the new joint for good! it didn't take long to unload but there were boxes and stuff everywhere. we left her in the capable hands of her parents at 3pm and went home to rest. i crashed immediately and pretty much remained worthless until i got up and took a zyrtec since the pollen was literally kicking my butt...side note - i have NEVER seen pollen like we have right now! i attribute it to the lack of rain. on saturday i could see it hanging in the air like a dust cloud...i finally decided to get motivated to at a minimum clean the kitchen at about 8p. just as i was going down the stairs i saw the husband's mother at the front door. she was keeping our 2 year old nephew overnite and he wanted to come visit us!! how cute is that? he came right in and made himself at home on the second child's chair i retrieved from my parent's attic last thursday. i placed it in the kitchen and i think it really pops against the sapphire walls...

this nephew LOVES books so he went and grabbed this one off of the coffee table and proceeded to 'read' it while eating some girl scout cookies. the adults had a bottle of dessert wine and i cleaned the kitchen while we all hung out. i'm so glad he wanted to come visit! it was a lovely time.
after they left i hi-tailed it to bed.

sunday ~ we slept late! i think we were both just exhausted. the husband went to mow his parent's grass while i stayed home and unloaded the dishwasher, made the grocery list, did some laundry and cleaned the house. when he got home we went to the grocery and then went back to 'M's new place to hang pictures. we ate leftover chinese and got a lot of her art hung but will have to make at least one more trip to finish. we got home about 9p and i got ready for bed and to watch a (FINALLY) new episode of brothers & sisters, but i hardly paid attention to thing i knew it was time to get up and go back to work for another week...thank goodness it's a short week!



rpm said...

That does sound like fun, helping your friend and ordering food! Your husband is such a good guy to help y'all. The chair looks good against that blue wall.

Magnolia Sun said...

Sounds like a busy but productive weekend for your friend. We have gotten so spoiled when we move because the Air Force comes and packs us up of course we have to unpack.

AM said...

Why didnt I comment yesterday? I dont know.

I love that green chair against the sapphire wall.

How many nephews/neices do you have?

That's great that they live so close by.

girlville said...

am, i have one neice and 2 nephews. they all live in the same town so we see them a lot.