Wednesday, April 25, 2007

wednesday house tour

welcome to the wednesday house tour! today we are visiting kady's 'room'. when we adopted the 2 girl kitties we kept them in this room separated from the bigger cats while we weren't at home...thus we called this the 'nursery'. apparently kady liked it in here because it's still her 'safe place'. when the others are chasing her and whatnot she runs and hides under the bed. every morning i find her on the bed looking out the windows. she also likes to get up on top of the pillows to sleep. they are usually all squished down and covered in her fur. i made her clean up her room over the weekend so it would be all spiffy for today's tour:

this is looking into the room from the upper hall. this room along with the other guest room is very small. the furniture in here was mine from childhood. i got this set when i was about 8 years old and can still remember the saturday morning it was delivered to our house.

the desk area...the hat boxes that i sorted thru a couple of weeks ago have found a new home in here.

i bought the poster above the desk in london. it is a compilation of many of the buildings designed by sir christopher wren.

this is the first needlepoint i did. it's just some cheapo kit from a craft store but when i took it to be framed the guy did an excellent job making it look nice. it hangs to the left of the double window.

this painting is to the right of the windows. there use to be an interior decor type store not far from our house that would host an oil painting show twice a year. they sold them at a significant discount. unfortunately the store went out of business...sadly no more oil paintings for me...

a close up view of the bed. i make up all beds the same: sheets, coverlet, duvet...and the must be all white (i'm picky when it comes to bedding and towels). pillows and dust ruffles are allowed to have color...sometimes. when i was little the bed had a canopy and white with pink flowers bedding and my room was painted pink.

this is the dresser...there is a matching mirror that attaches to the back but to update this set a a bit i got a gold framed mirror from lowes.

the canNOT see in's a big mess! i need to sort thru and get rid of some stuff. in fact there is another piece to this bedroom set - a lingerie chest - that won't even fit in the room so it's stuffed in the closet.

an odd little corner and the door headed back out to the upper hall. when we bought the house this room was the nursery for the former owner's son. the room had big multi color dots painted all over it that were raised in texture. the husband had to sand the walls down...he cursed the lady while he did this...we (ok, not me) repainted the room, added crown molding, redid all base trim, painted all the trim and doors and had new carpet installed.

there was a ceiling fan in here before. for unknown reasons i am opposed to ceiling fans. i found this chandelier in the attic (i have no idea where it would have been in the house nor why they would have left it), spray painted it white and added the crystal bobeches.

these are kady's toys which are always in here. she occasionally gets frisky and bats them around.

and just to prove that i AM a messy is the corner beside the desk! like i said, i need to get some sorting done.

next week will be a very special edition of wednesday house tour so be sure to come back!



Magnolia Sun said...

I had bedroom furniture just like that when I was little, I don't know what mom did with it.

I like your yellow walls, I have my bathrooms painted a very yellow color too. Everything looks really nice.

Lola's *mom* said...

Where did you get that Eiffel Tower from? My bathroom has a Paris theme and I need something like this!

I think it's really special to keep the furniture you had as a child. Our current bedroom suite is the one I got when I was 12 years old and I want to keep it forever!

Pam said...

So lovely. I had a bedroom set very similiar to that as a child. I just love the yellow walls. It just looks like a really happy room...I can see why Kady wants to retreat there!

rpm said...

Wow, I love the yellow and blue and white colors in there and the light have such a talent for putting everything together and using "finds" so well. My sister had a bedroom set like that and she had the canopy, too. I had one similar but I had the trundle bed and mine was green! It's all been sold in garage sales.

girlville said...

i think it's funny that so many of y'all had this same style furniture!!

RPM, i would have loved to have seen it in green!! that sounds so pretty. do you have any pictures of it??

lola's mom, how great that you are still using your bedroom set from childhood! that's great! i got the eiffel tower from tjmaxx a LONG time ago. however i have seen similar things not too long ago at world market and pier one. those are the type of places i frequent most. also there is an eiffel tower lamp at target - have you seen it?

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I love your Home tours...This is one of my favorite rooms! I love the Decor and the colors! Looks so welcoming and cozy!

Pam said...

I've been wanting that Eiffel Tower Lamp at Target (my living room has a Paris theme) but they are always out of them when I go to look for it.

AM said...

Look at you and your messy corner! lol. Why do you choose all white bedding? Is it so you can bleach them?
Your bedroom set reminds me of my mom's old set. I could have kept it after she died but I didnt. Why?? I dont know.

Im excited about the drawing tonight!!!!

(And lost!!!)