Wednesday, April 4, 2007

wednesday house tour ~ part two

house tour continued...
area to right of sofa...i got this little wooden chair at goodwill and painted/covered it...the piece behind the chair is the newest addition to the room...i also got it at looked AWFUL, but the husband painted it for me and i bought nice handles for the drawers...i LOVE it!

entertainment parent's found it used in the want ads in our local wine cork box the husband made hangs to the left of it. pictures out of is a close up of the goodwill piece...the husband also made the 2 black/white harlequin print boxes that the lamps are on.

the chair from parent's attic, wine box the husband made and a poster i got at a yardsale and had reframed.

this fabric covered table sits in front of the window that looks out onto the front yard. tyler is sitting here everyday when we get home from work looking out the window waiting for us! i'm going to recover this table soon as it was the first one i did and i didn't do such a great job...the bench came from an estate sale.

that's is for this edition of wednesday house tour and for the first week we venture upstairs!



AM said...

Wow. I might never buy a new piece of furniture again! What great ideas you guys have! Goodwill! The Paper ads! Estate sales! Great ideas. And I love that you can put your personal touch on things and they looks so great. LIke that dresser/buffet thing you got at Good Will. That i AMAZING.

Oh, and what is the design on that fabric on the wooden chair in front of the dresser thing?

As usual, everything looks GREAT! You've really got quite an eye for decorating!

Lola's *mom* said...

I love the bookshelf and the ottoman! How creative you are.

When you have pieces recovered do you do it yourself or it that a really complicated process you have someone else do?

rpm said...

Girlville!!!! It is all so lovely. The bookcase is amazing and all the pieces you've redone are so pretty. I am in awe of your talent. I think you should hire yourself out to help people get thier rooms together! I love all your artwork on the walls, too. I am inspired when I see your house pictures! I love the old chairs recovered. You're making me want to go to the fabric store just to look around!

Pugalicious said...

gorgeous house.. I see your husband is also talented.